Monday, October 22, 2007

We are the Bjork invaders!

After a very busy Saturday, I finished the costume I had been waiting a year to make. Not sure how it came to me, but after last Halloween I thought that if I had any reason to dress up this year, I wanted to be Bjork in her swan dress. Kind of ambitious, but being a crafty person really comes in handy around Halloween time.

I made a complete mess of my kitchen. Feathers were everywhere! But in the end, it was worth it because I think it came out pretty well!

Rob went as Survivorman, from the Discovery Channel. Yes, he's a nerd. I suggested it as a joke, but when he got excited, I didn't have the heart to tell him I was kidding. Much to my surprise, a lot of people at the party knew who Survivorman was. Here is it before we left, watching the Red Sox game. He was so disappointed that we had to leave, but Kay was nice enough to put it on at her house.

Some random photos from the party:

It was a great time! Hopefully I'll have a chance to wear my costume again since I put in so much effort!


Mary said...

hahaha your costume rocks! What are the two red guys with purple dots supposed to be?

Anonymous said...

you crack me up! That is the best costume I have seen in a long time. (we usually have a halloween party to attend every year) We never have great costumes like yours!

Last year, Neal went as a chick magnet. I took about 10 little chicks and attached them to his clothing. It was pretty funny!Past costumes have been stuff I can easily make, devil and angel, greek gods, etc.

Unknown said...


miss.supafly said...

What awesome costumes!!! My office had a party last night -- I didn't dress up, but I went around saying that I'd be a human baseline by the end of the night if I kept drinking... Only the designers got it.