Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who is melissahead?

I am, duh.

Okay, there's an explanation on about where the name came from. In short, it's a derivative of "knucklehead" created by my uncle.

So let's get deep. Just who am I? Well, I'm a lifelong Jersey girl, but I've migrated closer and closer to Philly over the years. I'm married to the weirdest person I have ever met. He hides his toothbrush in hotel rooms because he fears the maid will take it and stick it up her butt or something.

I'm a graphic designer with a passion for crafting, as I'm sure you can tell from this blog. I doubt it will ever pay the bills, but it's a creative outlet that I so desperately need. I seem to only watch depressing movies involving death. I pretty much only read design magazines. And I'm obsessed with music. Favorite all time band? Belle and Sebastian. But I could go on and on about the music I love. Go ahead, ask. I dare you.

I love reading other people's blogs. It's like a peek at someone's diary, and I'm a total snoop. If I could pull off being a voyeur, I'd do it. So if you have a blog, let me know about it! But only if you're interesting.


Anonymous said...

Hi there-

This is Elizabeth, we met and Orsula and Cal's SuperBowl Bonanza. Anyway, I just looked through your website, blog, and such [I stalked you], and love your cards, etc.

And - I recently started listening to Belle & Sebastian, and am trying to decide which album to purchase from itunes...

My blog is on [I'm obviously not cool enough for Blogger] but it's not nearly as entertaining, nor do I update it as often.


Michelle said...

you kill me.

in a good way.

no depressing death scenes here.

Anonymous said...

Came over hear from Operation Nice -- you're adorable!

Thanks for making the internet a prettier place!


asiantom said...

I was searching for business card examples for my wife when I saw your picture randomly in the google search. It brought me to your blog and I have been charmed!

Great blog, you're cool.

Crystal Ball said...

Hi there, it's a pleasure cyberally meeting you. I'm so glad I came across your blog and I look forward to learning more about and participating in Project Nice. What a wonderful idea that project is :)

Aparna said...

Just wanted to say, your blog is awesome! I haven't come across one this refreshing in a while, and your sketches are absolutely fab, I'm dying of jealousy :p

Unknown said...


You sound a lot like me in a weird way. You can take a peak in to my life/blog at


Insyirah said...

hi melissa! i love your work. its so creative and it always make me smile! hahahaha. im from singapore and i seriously love your work!


Jiinxsay Saoirse Phoenix (Fauveling-Storm) said...

hey Melissahead, lol ;), i like that nn-(nickname).
i tried to comment on your yoga post but had to restart computer :O
how not coincidental that you are talking about yoga!! i have been wanting very much to get into it. there's a place here in Marlboro, i hafta call & find out how much it is. my oldest daughter Serena, 24, goes to dif yoga classes & says they are usually $15 for either an hour or 1.5 hrs, not sure. that's wayyy expensive for a gurl like me, on disability. however! maybe even twice a month, not to mention the other topic you were talking about, the Wii-Fit :) my 2nd daughter Shaina, 19 (the only one that lives w/me) has a Wii & we have discussed getting Wii Fit :) if you get a Wii-Fit based yoga will you let me know how you like it?
also read how you like to read other's journals :))) i hope you will read mine :) i JUST started it & i've already done 5 entries!!
i am going to go to your profile & "friend" you, if that's ok. i am so fired up about blogspot/bloggerspot!!! i don't even know why, lol! i DO have LJ & xangzie, but i am primed for this new community!
i tried to do a search, in the search bar at top of my site, for "pink", then "hello kitty", and i think it only looks for those things in our own journals :O how do we connect/find ppl's blogs that pertain to our interests?? my goodness, you must be thinking by now, when is this chick gonna leave me be??! i prommie i will.
OPERATION NICE tells me, today is saturday, which means nothing to a gurl like me who doesn't work, but!! in the spirit of being nice i wish you a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!! and when the car fix place finally DOES call me, i am going to be NICE to them, NOT flip out :) i feel better already! i believe a positive attitude helps us greatly in life <3

The High Maintenance Bohemian said...

Hi Melissa. This is Melissa. I found you through an Operation Nice, button. I almost fell off my chair when I saw your profiles. I live in Mercer County, NJ. I was never called Melissahead, but my uncle called my sister Kristahead. I love art, design, crafts (nope they don't pay the big bills for me either.)..oh, also love blogging (yet, I'm not too refined at any of it yet!) Music makes my life - I've always been a drummer. I also married the weirdest person I've ever met...oh, and we quite look alike! Nice to meet you!

Hope you're not too creeped out!!!
the high maintence bohemian personal blog is a mess, but in the works.

Unknown said...

Hi Mel,

Im in my final year of a Graphic Design degree. For my final project Im exploring ways to encourage people through design!! so when I came across your blog it was very exciting!!!!! totally just wanting to make contact with like minded people:)


Anonymous said...

I found you on operation nice which linked me to your blog. What a delight, your blog is so freah and interesting. I'm going to use your operation nice stuff at work. I work at a hospital in Arizona.