Thursday, April 27, 2006

Making a list and checkin' it twice.

Howdy partners! How's life treating ya'll? I'm a little tuckered out. Rob and I saw Ben Folds last night and didn't get home until after midnight. That's way past my bedtime, but it was worth it because it was an awesome show! I love seeing Ben Folds because he cracks me up and his stories alone are entertaining enough. But put it with his music and I'm blown away! He always has such a rapport with the audience. I don't know how he doesn't get annoyed when people shout things at him throughout the show, but he doesn't seem to mind and he always takes requests. I heard many of my favorites, including "The Luckiest", which is Rob's and my wedding song...if we actually have a wedding song.

Speaking of weddings, we went to Rob's uncle's wedding last Saturday. It was a good time! Here are some photos from the event.

A photo of the lovely bride and groom:

Here I am before the ceremony:

Here's a shot of Rob with his father and brothers:

And me and Rob at the end of the night, looking slightly weary:

Our wedding stuff is moving along. I ordered our favors, I bought some shoes. I'm feeling a little bit better about the guestlist. I think that if we do go over 30, it'll only be by a few people. Also, I had some email communication with my photographer yesterday. She's so great. Really, really helpful. I can tell that she wants to do a good job for us. We were going to have them for an hour after the ceremony and then three hours in the Skyloft, but now that's changed. They'll come 30 minutes prior to the ceremony to get those sappy "getting ready" shots and then we'll take approx 40 minutes of group shots afterwards. Then she wants to take us around the hotel for some nice photos of the two of us. And we'll have them there for 2 hours in the Skyloft instead of 3. I'm really getting excited now! 49 days!!!

Another thing I've been working on is the song list. This is the one area of the wedding where Rob wants some input. I'm a little concerned because I know if it were up to him, it'd be an all old-school-rap wedding. I threw a little in. Some "Dowhatchalike" at the request of Jeope. A little Young MC, a little Tribe, a little Beastie Boys. But I don't want to alienate our older guests, so I made sure to throw in some James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Devo, Parliament. You know, mix it up. If Rob vetoes my Earth Wind and Fire, there's gonna be hell to pay. If you people have any requests or suggestions, post 'em in my comments!

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Three Second of Fame

Hi folks. It's been a while since I've posted. I’ve been a busy bee lately though. Work has me swamped due to a huge conference next week, although I think the craziness for me ends today. And then with Easter and wedding stuff and other family obligations, I haven't had a moment to relax.

But I'll take a few minutes to give you some updates.

The OC
So, those of you who knew about my connection to "The OC", I had my three seconds of fame last night. And in case you have no clue what I'm talking about, read this. I was lucky enough to participate in the project discussed in the article. My duties pretty much consisted of "vectorizing" (or would it be "vectoring") sketches of all the characters. I perfected my mad Illustrator pen tool skillz. Anyway, the unveiling was on last night's episode, and they were kind enough to show the animation for three whole seconds. They also played these two speed-commercials for downloading the full animations, but if I blinked I might have missed them. (Actually, I did miss one because I couldn't un-mute the tv fast enough.) So that's it. A bit anticlimactic. I haven't even seen the final versions of the animations, and since I don't have a VCast enabled phone (or Verizon service for that matter), I'm not quite sure when I might. If any of you do have VCast and want to buy (I think you have to buy it) the first episode, click here for info. Eh, it was still loads of fun! And the extra pocket change was nice. I was able to buy myself a few treats and have a bit of leftover for wedding stuff.

The Wedding
Speaking of wedding stuff, onto the nuptial update. Things are moving along. I got my gorgeous wedding band last weekend. I still need to take a photo. Five round cut diamonds. Makes my finger all sparkly-like. I finally booked the hotel and the flights. I'm still freaking about our guest limit. We are totally going over it. But I'm going to let Rob smooth-talk the MGM lady. I really can't believe it's less than two months away! I think it is going to be such a great time and I am so so so glad we are doing it this way. If I'm getting this stressy over a simple Vegas wedding, imagine how I'd be if I were having a huge production!

Miscellaneous Goings-on
Okay, okay, anything else going on? Oh, Rob's knee surgery went super. He only had to get scoped, so he didn't even have to use his crutches. He'll be break-dancing by the wedding. Um, I'm going to see Ben Folds next Wednesday. Should be a good time. I'm going to Rob's uncle's wedding this Saturday. I'll hopefully have some pictures to post next week. And tonight we're heading to our old college for a retirement party for Rob's favorite professor. I haven't even driven by TCNJ since I graduated. And I didn't even walk, so that also was anticlimactic. Next weekend we are going to NYC for some peace rally/march. Rob is hoping to get some good photos, and I'm hoping that the weather is nice so I can ditch him and go shopping in SoHo.

Shout Outs
Shout out to the folks that I know read this! Yo Jeope! Yo Mary! Yo Lew! Yo Devon! Yo Maria! Yo Dave! Um, and yo to anyone else who stumbled in here! I gots to get my work on, so catch ya on da flipside.