Sunday, January 23, 2005

Can you feel the snow tonight?

Okay, so the past week or so, I've been MIA. I have actually had to work at work....dang those employers for cutting into my forum and blog time! Let me give you a quick update of what has been going on.

First of all, last monday was Jenna's first day as "Marketing Associate" so I've had my hands full trying to show her the ropes. It's so awesome having her there though. I didn't have to do a single business card order all week!!! Plus she's been so fun! Okay, so I might be getting a little less work done because we've been chatting, but now there are two of us, so it evens out!

Anyway, our quarterly meeting is this coming Friday, and since last November's meeting sucked, I've been determined to do a hilarious 10-13 min video for this meeting. You see, last year no one would help me with my video ideas, so the whole presentation was a crappy slide show of people's stupid pets. Sure, cute, but definitely not funny. This time, I borrowed my mom's karaoke machine and had coworkers perform, American Idol style. We filmed last week and it was freakin hilarious! This meeting is going to be the best yet! I'm taking 20-30 second clips of everyone and following them with select American Idol quips from Simon. I'll have to post it when I finish. I chose "wannabe" by the Spice Girls, and I think I would definitely be chosen to go to Hollywood. I rocked the hizouse.

Friday night Rob and I went out with Jenna and her boyfriend Kevin. We had a blast. It's so nice to finally have some friends that are similar to us. Nowadays, they are harder and harder to find. But they are a ton of fun, and Rob was in his usual form, chewing everyone's ear off. Good thing he's hilarious or I'd be so irritated! :-) So now we have "couple" friends do to adult things with, like go to dinner and concerts and day trips with. Thank goodness because I was really getting sick of Rob! Just kidding!

So, Saturday was supposed to be Lion King day. I say supposed to be because we got a stupid blizzard here and were unable to make it to New York City!! I was so bummed. And Rob was bummed because those tickets cost him like $180. So we stayed home and cleaned the, fun, fun. But luckily, it turns out we can get a rain check since the weather was so bad. Maybe I can get a show in April or May, when the threat of a blizzard isn't so great.

Today I took the tree down. It was sad. Now the corner of my living room is so empty. I need to get some shelves or something. And now I'm finally ready to start working on my new website, Rob's occupied watching football and we're pretty much trapped in the house today anyway. I hope I can get something accomplished.

I'm probably not going to be as avid of a forum poster or blogger or even emailer for a while because I have to be a good example at work now. And besides, I've been a crappy employee for the past few months, good thing no one there knows, but I'd like to be a little better.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Good news and bad news.

My boss rocks. She's just so cool, and I admit I am really, really lucky to have her as my boss! I was telling her about the new mac stuff that came out, mini-mac and ipod shuffle, etc. My company is very anti-mac, and I am the only one out of like 400 people that has one, and they refuse to support it. Fine, I don't need support, it's a mac! :-)

Anyway, last month she was throwing the idea to her boss of using the iPod as a giveaway at our conferences, but they were just too expensive. So she thought the iPod shuffle would be a neat idea. I, jokingly, said the marketing department should get them to "test it out" and see how 'user-friendly" it is. So she told me to get one for myself! Yay! Now, I already have an awesome iPod, but who can pass up a new toy??? Plus I lost my flash drive, so this will be a great replacement!!!!

Fun fun fun!!

Okay, the bad news really isn't that bad. Rob and I have a nurse coming over tonight to take our blood and do tests and stuff. All part of the life insurance drama. At least she comes to our house. But I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything other than water after 3pm, and our appointment is for 7pm. I guess can handle that. It's been a while since I've gotten blood taken. Hopefully she's good. I remember my mom used to go all the time and sometimes she'd come home with her arm all bruised up. Oh man, I just rememberd that Jeopardy is on at 7pm! Dang it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Find the Korean

What the heck?? I never thought that my name was all that difficult to spell but it seems like more people misspell my name than spell it correctly. I receive packages addressed to "Mellisa" or "Mellissa" or "Melisa" all the time! Today on my Starbucks cup it said, "Mellisa." I think that's the most popular misspelling. That's it, from now on I'm going to spell my name "Malyssa" because I might as well!

Anyway, that was just a mini-rant.

La dee da, I get my new G5 today!!! And all new software!!! Fun fun fun!!!! I'm such a computer geek. Seriously, this is the highlight of my month! Actually, the highlight of my month is Jenna, my new friend who, starting Monday will be my new coworker! She's the one getting my current G5, which is enabling me to get a super duper new one. She's totally cool, and I'm really exciting about having a friend at work! Rob and I went to brunch with her and her boyfriend, Kevin on Sunday. It was nice for us to talk to people that have similar interests to us, because around here, people like that are rare. And our current friends are pretty immature and selfish sometimes, so Rob and I stick to spending a lot of time with each other. But now I'll actually have a live person (no offense all you guys) to talk with besides Rob! :-)

Rob's family is going on a cruise in June to celebrate his grandmother's birthday and they asked us to come along. I really do love Rob's family, they are great, and I have no problems with going on vacation with them, but I only get a certain amount of vacation days, and if we go, we are pretty much not going to be able to take another trip anytime soon. That includes our annual Boston vacation. Plus, do we really have $1200 to spend on a vacation? I mean, we just bought a condo and are trying to save up. How am I going to get that big rock if we keep spending money??? Okay, that last part isn't really a concern of mine, but the rest of it is. Any thoughts???

Hmm, maybe I should say something interesting or funny in this post. Uh, okay, got it. When I was 13 I went to Disneyworld with my parents and our family friends, the Jones. The dad is Irish and the mom is Korean, just like my family, and they have two kids. Spencer, who is my age and Ryan, four years younger. Anyway, the two kids and I were waiting in line to get on Splash Mountain and standing behind us was an Asian woman. So we were whispering to each other, "Do you think she's Korean??" As a stupid kid, we decided to find out by saying a word in Korean to see if she looks. What word did we choose? "Butt", of course. So Spencer says "butt" and we giggle. She giggles too, aware of our plan. So that, my friends, is how you find a Korean person in a crowd. The End.

I really just wanted to ramble so that scary audioblog would get pushed down far enough to be ignored. Hope it worked! Later gators!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

My first audio post!! How fun!!!

Gosh, I'm not only long-winded in my regular posts, I babble in my audio posts too!

this is an audio post - click to play

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Who is melissahead?

I am, duh.

Okay, there's an explanation on about where the name came from. In short, it's a derivative of "knucklehead" created by my uncle.

So let's get deep. Just who am I? Well, I'm a lifelong Jersey girl, but I've migrated closer and closer to Philly over the years. I'm married to the weirdest person I have ever met. He hides his toothbrush in hotel rooms because he fears the maid will take it and stick it up her butt or something.

I'm a graphic designer with a passion for crafting, as I'm sure you can tell from this blog. I doubt it will ever pay the bills, but it's a creative outlet that I so desperately need. I seem to only watch depressing movies involving death. I pretty much only read design magazines. And I'm obsessed with music. Favorite all time band? Belle and Sebastian. But I could go on and on about the music I love. Go ahead, ask. I dare you.

I love reading other people's blogs. It's like a peek at someone's diary, and I'm a total snoop. If I could pull off being a voyeur, I'd do it. So if you have a blog, let me know about it! But only if you're interesting.