Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Everyone wishes they were engaged to me!

Since I am the best fianc├ę in the world, I wanted to get Rob a nice gift before the wedding. The difficult thing is that Rob hates stuff. But what he loves is baseball. So I had planned to buy a pack of tickets and give Rob a "guy's night" with some of his friends and family. Well, thanks to my awesome company, who I love to death, I was able to use their luxury box for the Memorial Day Phillies game! (Fully catered, by the way.) Gosh, I'm lucky. So after many weeks of stressful planning, 15 of Rob's closest friends and family were there to meet him.

He was stunned! My plan had worked! He thought he was going to a game with three of his friends and sitting in the 300 level. He waited in the lot for his friends to show up, and all his other friends started walking up. He said he was really confused. At this point, he thought Hunter had thrown him a bachelor party, and he had no clue that I was behind it all. As they go to the gate, Rob says, "We can't go in this way, this is for suites only." Then Hunter handed him the envelope with his suite ticket and a letter from me, explaining how I did this all as a gift for him because I love him dearly. And then when he walked into the suite, his dad and brothers and uncles and cousin were in there! He loved it!

Anyway, enough blabbing, here are some photos!

Eric, RJ and Samir, donning their felt bowties, in honor of Rob.

Hunter, cheering for the Phillies.

This is the shirt that Eric made for Rob. And I didn't say no strippers. I said no "female" strippers. ;-)

Thank goodness he wore the shirt that I gave him instead. A Phillies t-shirt with "GROOM" and "06" on the back.

Group shot!

Friday, May 12, 2006

June Fifteenth

Hi there! I needed a little wedding de-stress so I threw together a very, very simple wedding website. It's not the greatest, but it'll do. It just has some of the details and such, and I'm going to post the wedding pictures up here after the hooplah.

Take a look!

June Fifteenth

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

April 29th NYC Peace Rally

Rob had been planning on attending this event since he first heard about it. Throughout the day he took 13 rolls of film, and here are some of his favorite results.