Monday, April 30, 2007


My brain is working overtime and I can't calm it down. All I can think about is crafting. What to make? How many to make? How to make it? I went from making boxed sets of cards, to thinking about making some handbound books, to sewing a felt flower, to considering turning that into a sachet. Okay, stop! One thing at a time.

Here's what I want to have at the craft show.

- 150 to 200 collage cards. I have about 120 now.
- 40 to 50 boxed sets of cards. I'm almost done with 20.
- 20 Appointment card sets. Only have about 5 now.
- 20 gift tag sets. Just ordered the printing today.
- 50 button sets. Just ordered buttons today.

And I'll probably bring the 100 key fobs I made last year that are just sitting in my closet.

So why do I feel that isn't going to be enough? It seems like a lot now that I think about it. I keep trying to think of new things I could make. Like IOU coupons. And little handmade notepads. But I might be going overboard. If I only sell 4 cards, I'll have a lot of crafts taking up space in my house.

Um, that was pretty much just me thinking outloud.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Duh, forgot to mention...

The reason why I plan to craft, craft, craft this weekend is because I was accepted as a vendor at the Art Star Craft Bazaar this June. It'll be my first show, and I'm a nervous wreck.

Enough about me...

I think I need to focus this blog a little bit more towards design/crafts, so it's not just me rambling on like a 14 year old girl on myspace. That doesn't mean I won't be talking about my home, or Rob, or weird things going on in my life, but I'll try to push it a little more towards something that might be relevant to others.

So, in that respect, let me show you some work! I know, I know, it's still all about me. But at least this is craft-related.

I had a project this week to make some baby shower invitations. I was given a rosy colored paper and told to build around that. No problem! Actually, I held the paper for about 20 seconds and already had an idea of what I wanted to do.

Here's the result:

I went to A.C.Moore looking for some brown grosgrain ribbon, and I found this. Perfect! I bought 9 spools and it still wasn't enough.

I was asked to make matching gift tags because they are asking people to bring their gifts unwrapped.

I have nothing on the schedule for this weekend other than craft, craft, craft. So hopefully I'll have some new things to show on Monday.