Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shoulda made that t-shirt

Had a great time at the show last night!! Well, there were a few snags. At the Tin Angel, you get preferred seating if you eat at their (very expensive) restaurant downstairs. The Tin Angel is long and skinny and the front half is preferred seating and the back half is the bar and standing room. So we ate there, even though we could have eaten at Subway for like 5 bucks. Well, they forgot to put our name on the preferred seating list or something, so our table was at the back of that section. That was a little disappointing because we made our reservation weeks ago, which I thought would have us a little closer. But whatever.

The concert was beautiful. Matt and Ben were hilarious and had me cracking up most of the night. Gotta love intimate shows! And thanks to a contest, I had passes to meet Matt and Ben after the show. Woohoo!! :-D After the show, Rob, Rob's coworker Phuong, and I hung out with Aqualung's manager for a little while. He's super nice. And after they were done signing autographs and stuff, we were able to go to their little back room. Thank god Rob is personable. He was able to talk to Matt and Ben while I stood there all nervous! And I kinda felt bad because they were eating dinner, so we only stayed a few minutes. I didn't propose, I got shy. So I guess I'll just marry Rob instead. :-)

But before we left, I got me a photo!!!

That's Ben on the left, Matt in the middle, and a very excited Melissa on the right! Can you tell how giddy I was?! Well, that pretty much made my night. My week. My month. Ahhhh. I know I'm too old to be a groupie, but I just can't help it sometimes, ya know??

Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm totally going to make a sign!

How excited am I?? Seriously. For you regular readers, all three of you, you might remember my post a few weeks ago about the Aqualung show and how it knocked my socks off. Yeah, I've had Strange + Beautiful on repeat playing in my office everyday since then. :-) Well, how lucky am I that I found out he's back! And this one will be way better than the last, if that's possible.

He's playing at the Tin Angel which happens to be my favorite venue ever. It's this tiny little room that holds 115 people and the stage is like 4x4ft. And if you have dinner downstairs they give you "preferred seating." We did this once and our "preferred seating" was basically on the stage! The opening act threw his hat down and it hit Rob in the chest! It was almost uncomfortable being that close, but there's no way I'll be uncomfortable this time! I think I need to make a sign. "I heart Aqualung." Hmm, the people behind me might get pissed. And Matt and Ben will be so close that they probably won't be able to see it. Maybe I should just write it on my hand instead.

Although I've always wanted to make a sign for a concert or sporting event, because I know my sign would blow the other signs out of the water. I could do charicatures. Haha! Or use feathers and glitter! Hmm, I'll have to consider that. They might think I'm a total weirdo, but let's be honest....I am. :-)

Here's another photo for your (okay, my) viewing pleasure:

In case anyone from the Philly area is reading this, here's the info:
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Tin Angel
20 South 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pass the TUMS please!

Last Saturday Rob and I went to Collingswood, NJ, a cute little town about 20 minutes from our house. They were having some sort of Halloween type festival, with pumpkins and scarecrows and baked goods. Um, we never found it, but we went to main street to get some lunch. I wanted to go to this new place called The Pop Shop. It's like a 1940's soda fountain type place. So cute! Their menus are like little newspapers and there's a ton of stuff on there. All junk food, just how I like it!!

We started with some boneless buffalo wings, and they were scrumtrulescent! I had trouble deciding what to get, but I eventually settled on this masterpiece:

Oh yum! It was a foot long hot dog with grilled onions and cheese whiz!! Doesn't it clog your arteries just looking at it??? If it wasn't so cold on Saturday, I would have gotten an ice cream sundae. Rob got a milkshake and it was tasty. Oh man, now I'm hungry.

Here's a pic of Rob eating:

And here's one of me. My hair is so annoyingly long and flat. The hostess thought I was a weirdo for taking a picture of myself in the restaurant.

Look Devon! I'm wearing your colors!! ;-)

Okay, now I need to go find some food. I know it'll just be a disappointment though. Nothing can compare to that "heart attack waiting to happen" that I had on Saturday.