Monday, December 20, 2004

Who needs Paxil when you have white wine???

Hello all in blogsville! I am finally recuperated from my weekend!

Today is freakin’ freezing in Philly. It was –10˚ during my commute this morning. I actually drove in for the first time in over two years since I had many bags of ornaments to bring in to my boss, as well as the fact that tonight is our little holiday dinner event and I don’t feel comfortable riding the train alone at 11pm. Thanks to my boss, 20 of us are going to Jones Restaurant for dinner and to see Cats afterwards at the Walnut Street Theatre. Looking forward to it!

My job isn’t as bad as I make it out to be. Sure, sometimes it’s a pain in the rear, but overall, it’s a great place to work. This was confirmed on Friday when I received my holiday card (that I designed) filled with a big fat holiday bonus check! Woohoo! Last year all we got was a pen! This is so great! And thanks to the fact that Rob and I have a $100 limit on each other, my bonus easily covered all my holiday shopping as well as leaving me with some money to buy myself a little something and put some away for next month’s mortgage! (Mortgage is still a scary word to me!)

Saturday night Rob and I went to his family friends’ annual holiday party. Even though I really didn’t want to go at all, I had such a great time! And I think I figured out the answer to my social anxiety disorder……alcohol! When we first got there I barely talked to anyone. It was so packed, like a college party for grown ups. Rob introduced me around and I just kind of shook hands and stood by as Rob talked to people. After a few glasses of wine though, I was talking to strangers left and right! I even played pool with some kid I didn’t know! It was great! By the end of the night I was giving everyone hugs and taking down phone numbers! Since Rob rarely drinks anymore (he’s that friendly without alcohol), I usually never drink either. But now, the next time I’m in that sort of situation, I’ll be sure to knock back a few before going! :-)

Of course, we didn’t get home until after 5am, and thanks to that and the wine, I could barely get off of the sofa on Sunday. Oh well, it was worth it!


devon spec said...

hehlooooo mel!

wine is the ONLY thing i drink. i hate alcohol, beer,.... it's just nasty. however, i love white wine. it is so good with poultry. the key to not getting sick, is only having around 1 per hour- probably for you, around an hour and a half cause you're so small. that's so cool you had a fun time!

as for knocking back a few before you go. that's pretty much always a good idea, i have a bit of the anxiety around crowds myself. we toasted two glasses of champagne before we went down to the party. works like a charm!!!

craig and i had a blast too. :)
it felt like a mini vacation. we made sure not to get drunk, because a lot of his co-workers were WASTED last year and made fools out of themselves. we even cut our night short because we could sense that things were getting out of control. haha!

Mary said...

You LUSH! :) You and Devon both!

I can't drink . . . never agrees with me. Don't like the taste of any of it. And even when I try it just makes me sick. Fortunately, I don't really need it. I never ever would have taken either one of you for wall-flowers!

Have fun at CATS! It's a fun show..... The Magical Mr. Mistopholes is the best'll get stuck in your head. OH! and if you want a good laugh, think of that SNL skit they did based on cats.... do you remember that one? hehehhee....

Go Kayak said...

Our company party was 12/18. All I drank was merlot. I love reds, can't stand whites. Release your inner extrovert!

As much fun as our party was, it didn't top the next's on my blog...