Monday, May 30, 2005

To Dream the Slightly Possible Dream

Well, it's been over two months since my last post, so let me bring you up to date. I have decided to follow my dream, however far fetched it might be, and try my hand at the card business! I've been making an inventory recently, though very slowly. It's so tough to get home from work and sit down to do more work. Luckily, making cards doesn't really feel like work. Once I get started, I have a great time. The hardest part is decided to spend my night in front of my sewing machine instead of in front of the tv.

Last week I posted a few cards on to get some feedback from other crafty people out there. I got a pretty good response. And I was contacted by two consignment places who wanted to sell my stuff! Woohoo! So this week I have to fill out the contract and send a small batch of my cards to each.

But before I did that, I wanted to finish my site. Not my portfolio site, it'll be years before I ever get around to that! But I wanted to finish my store, so that people could have a place to go if they were interested in any of my products. Well, about 30 minutes ago, I finished. The store is located at:

I am so excited about this venture! Even if I only sell one card, I'd be happy! Doing this whole thing started out as a creative outlet. But the fact that I actually did something with it (whether it's successful or not) is so exhilarating!! And I'm not doing this whole thing to make money, or replace my current job, or become the next Hallmark. I just think it would be so cool to know that someone bought my card and is going to give it to someone.

I think I might spend the rest of my day making a small stack of Father's Day cards to put up on my site. I figure, I have to make one for my dad anyway. Might as well mass produce! :-)

Well, hope all you people in blog-land are having a wonderful holiday weekend (if you're in the US.) I'll try to not let over 2 months pass before my next post! Later gators!


Jeope said...

Melmelissa, I just done went and snooped aroung melissahead this minute. That's nice work! Think one day you'll move yer blog over to it?

(love the triangle booklet...)

Mary said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've got your shop open for business! I think that this will be a spectacular little way to make a little extra cash and be creative. I really love the look of them! I guess you got yourself a better sewing machine now, eh?

I have an Itty bitty sewing maching (the brand is called "Sew cute" hahaha ) and I don't remember how to thread the damn thing! Argh! I'm SOOOO not domestic!

I have a feeling you are under-charging for those handmade books! :P

Where do you get your papers from?

Anyways, loooove the site!

Vonster said...


I really wish you the best. You never loose pursuing your passion. There is a lady I know by the name of Cheryl Phelps who has worked in the greeting/gift industry for 20 years. She does a seminar for designers such as yourself that tells how to best market your product ideas etc. I am attending her seminar at this summers Illustration Conference in San Francisco.

She puts on these seminars in multiple locations nation wide and it would be a perfect fit for your new pursuits. Her web site is

You could email her at:

Here is a blurb she had emailed me:

One Jam Packed Day Full of Info and Inspiration!

Topics Covered:
How to Get Your Art, Illustrations and Designs into the
Greeting Card and Social Expression Industry
Format and Presentation Of Artwork for Print Production
Self Promotion- Getting A Rep or Doing Your Own PR
Trade Shows and Marketing Your Artwork
LICENSING Your Art for Long Term Profits
Copyright and Contracts-Protect Your Rights
Trends, Ideas and Motivation
Manufacturing Your Own Line, Freelance or Permanent
Employment for a Company - All Covered
Fine Art, Illustration or Surface Design- Crossover to New
Markets of Revenue for your Visual Images

Who Should Attend:
Illustrators, Surface Designers, Painters, Photographers,
Designers, Computer Artists, any artist interested in
learning more about the Greeting Card Industry, Licensing
and the Crossover Markets of Revenue for your Visual Images.


Joe said...

Hey Melissa! I've given the blog thing a second chance and created a new blog for myself. Plus, I'm trying to get involved in other people's blogs as well so I figured this was a great place to start!

That is great Melissa! You do great work. I especially liked the orange striped card...very nice!

I know what you mean about following your dream, or sort of anyway. I've known what my dream is for a while: art, either commissioned or non-commissioned. But, not just any art but art with photography as it's center point and using other mediums in the mix. I don't have any work yet but I think when I do, they will replace the work in my website artwork section I have now.

I can relate to being happy about only selling one item. At this level, it's not about quantity but quality. Don't get me wrong, quantity (at least in terms of selling anyway) is great too but the quality of work needs to come first. I'm very excited for you. I have to say this inspirational since I have put off my dream for a while now. Both you and Ash have great ideas and great work! Best of luck to you!

Jeope said...

Post some new sh*t! Justify my link, slackstress!

I keed.

Or do I?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a christmas gift site/blog. It pretty much covers gift ideas for christmas related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

TexasDude said...

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