Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Pass the TUMS please!

Last Saturday Rob and I went to Collingswood, NJ, a cute little town about 20 minutes from our house. They were having some sort of Halloween type festival, with pumpkins and scarecrows and baked goods. Um, we never found it, but we went to main street to get some lunch. I wanted to go to this new place called The Pop Shop. It's like a 1940's soda fountain type place. So cute! Their menus are like little newspapers and there's a ton of stuff on there. All junk food, just how I like it!!

We started with some boneless buffalo wings, and they were scrumtrulescent! I had trouble deciding what to get, but I eventually settled on this masterpiece:

Oh yum! It was a foot long hot dog with grilled onions and cheese whiz!! Doesn't it clog your arteries just looking at it??? If it wasn't so cold on Saturday, I would have gotten an ice cream sundae. Rob got a milkshake and it was tasty. Oh man, now I'm hungry.

Here's a pic of Rob eating:

And here's one of me. My hair is so annoyingly long and flat. The hostess thought I was a weirdo for taking a picture of myself in the restaurant.

Look Devon! I'm wearing your colors!! ;-)

Okay, now I need to go find some food. I know it'll just be a disappointment though. Nothing can compare to that "heart attack waiting to happen" that I had on Saturday.


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Melissa said...

nbim, that's sweet that you want to check back and all, but it's not necessary. In fact, I'm really boring and probably won't have anything interesting to say anyway.

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lew! said...

you should go turn the word id thing on - apprently that gets rid of the spammers.

that junk food looks good. i have such a weakness for such fare. French fries....

Mary said...

But, I LIKE the hair like that!
Wow, that did look like a coronary LOL

devon said...

your outfit is so cute!! :D

i am SO DOING that word verification thing... spammers are pissing me off BIG TIME!!! :D some dude is hounding me for "recipes" just b/c he googled the word asparagus and my blog came up somehow! lol. he thinks i have a cooking blog.