Friday, June 30, 2006

Our Big Day

I probably emailed this link to everyone who reads my blog, but in case you're a snooper and you'd like to see my wedding pictures, checka check it out.

Our Wedding Photos

I need to do some minor touch-up action to a few of them, especially the ones of me later in the day. I have some hair and makeup issues going on. It was all the kissy stuff the photographers made us do. It's weird to see those pictures because we aren't PDA people.

Post-wedding stuff is going well. I'm feeling pretty stress-free at the moment. I need to go through all the paperwork and do some name changing soon. It's still all so strange to me!

Thanks for peeking!


Ekota (kgiff) said...

Fabulous photos and a beautiful couple. Congratulations!

Tigui said...


A Little Hut said...

great photos! it looks like you had a great time! :)