Sunday, October 15, 2006

I'm crafty, and I'm just your type.

I took a good ole mental health day last Friday with the intentions of crafting. And this time I actually did it! Amazing.

I found this website a week ago about making fun little key fobs. So I spent some hard earned money buying loads of ribbon, webbing, and hardware to make at least 100. I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to enjoy it and then I ended up blowing $150, but it turns out it's easy and fun!

I made 75 that day, and it was relaxing just sitting at my sewing machine, plugging away. Here are some of the different ones I made:

And I've already thought about naming them after my wonderful friends. :-) Like the pink and lime one HAS TO BE the "Devon." And the pink one with the little flowers would be the "Maria" because she bought that ribbon for me. And the rainbow one is definitely the "Amy" because she's a r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ainbow!!

I need to figure out how to take some better photos. The fluorescent lights in this house are not pretty. I should probably take my stuff outside to get some good natural light.

That's all for now. I've spent my weekend trying to defend myself against Rob's cold that he's had for over a week now. I've been doing a pretty good job so far, but I had some throat tickles earlier, so I'm getting worried! Oh yeah, and I bought my first pair of Chucks today! Woohoo! They are part of the new PRODUCT(RED) line that was introduced the other day. I was at the Gap, checking out the new gear when I spotted these black Chucks with red trim and I had to have them.

Okay, time to get some ice cream and head to bed! G'night everybody!


Jeope said...

Flourescent lights aren't good in any house.

I can't believe you made 75 fobs in a single day and didn't go insane. I think you found your calling!

Mary said...

that is so awesome! i've been wanting a sewing machine FOREVER. I need to get one...just a cheapy from walmart or something.

lew! said...

which one is named after me?


Melissa said...

Ya know what, lew. You can be the pink one with the flowers. I'm sure Maria will understand. :)

Actually, I'm waiting for some ribbon with little pink flamingos on them. That one can be the "lew."

Ekota (kgiff) said...

Those are great! I'm very attached to the bottom row.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

are you sure you're not running a sweat shop out there from your condo? you amaze me! thos are wonderful. i like the toile one very much! and i'm not sharing my pink flowers with lew... absolutely now way! :P * for a price! maybe .... *

RDQLUS (Stevie G.) said...

HEEEEEEYYYY! Where the RDQLUS fob?!?

(oh and I LOVE the title of the post by the way. "She's crafteeeeeeeeeeee!")