Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tag, I'm it!

I've been tagged by a SillyMonkee, so now I must share with you my top 5 favorite Christmas, er, holiday songs. And don't worry (Jeope), I won't be tagging anyone else. But if the three people that peek in on this blog feel like sharing as well, go for it!

  1. Maybe This Christmas - Ron Sexsmith | Tears me up right away.

  2. Bizarre Christmas Incident - Ben Folds | Gross, yet hilarious.

  3. Happy Christmas (War is Over) - The Polyphonic Spree | It's impossible to not smile while listening to this band

  4. Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC | A holiday classic.

  5. Christmas Wrappin - The Waitresses | I know, I know, but I can't help myself.

I'm a bit behind on my blogging. I have some pictures to share with you, but I haven't uploaded them yet. Don't let the anticipation get to you.


Mary said...

anticipation...killing... meee.eee.e.e

eeek! :P

I like Cartman singing O Holy Night, personally.

Jeope said...

My family had A Very Special Christmas, with "Christmas In Hollis". I was prolly in junior high sometime, but my brother and I would tear into that sucka, beatboxing like we were the Fat Boys. Aresome!