Sunday, January 28, 2007

Melissa, the Craftasaurus

Lately I've been putting more time into my crafts. I redesigned my craft site, twice. Here's how it currently looks.

I also created a new craft blog where I can show off some of the new things I've been creating. I'm going to try to spend some time every week making new cards. This is depleting my wallet a bit because I've made trips to the craft store for the past three weekends.

There are a few things going on in the upcoming weeks. On Tuesday, Roberto y yo will be eating out at Har├║, an awesome Japanese restaurant in the city. It's restaurant week in Philly, which means $30 for a appetizer, entree and dessert. Suh-weet. Then Wednesday we are checking out the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It's teacher's night, which means no $28 admission! Woohoo! Friday we need to pick up a futon because the following weekend Maria and Jamel will be visiting! YAY!!!! I'm so excited that they are coming out here! That means that Rob and I have some serious cleaning in our future. We need to make this place suitable for guests!

Okay, cutting this shorter than usual because I want to get some more craft time in tonight. But before I go, here are my recommendations for the week.

#1 - Basecamp, project management software: got it at work and it rocks
#2 - ReadyMade magazine: ordered a 2 year subscription for $15, great zine
#3 - Craft punches: so much better than the stupid circle cutters I've used for years



Mary said...

You can drop money like its hot all day in a craft store! It can seriously burn a big hole in the wallet. I want some of those punches too, but they are so FREAKIN' expensive. di

MiJa said...

You've been a super busy bee! Love the new site design, and your cards look awesome! I'm with Mary on going through money like water in a craft store. There's a scrapbook store near me that I try to avoid like the plague or I'll go broke! Good stuff Mel!

Jeope said...

Lookit you, Melissa. All pro, all the time. You won't forget us little people when you're a full-blown craftodon, will ya? Craftodite? Craftopteryx? I gotta check my book of craft evolution.

Melissa said...

I believe it's Veloci-crafter.