Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"I'm melting! I'm melting!"

That's what I'll be screeching after my plane lands in Arizona tomorrow morning. Who goes to Arizona in the summer??

I do. I needed a break from everyday life, so I booked a flight to Arizona to visit my two favorite girls! We are going to kick back and craft and swim and lounge and maybe even play some Guitar Hero. Who knows?! But I am excited indeed!

We always have the bestest time together!

Honestly, how can you not love these girls?!

So I'll be away until Monday. Have a pleasant weekend everyone!

Oh, and just for mista, who is very interested in hearing my iPhone review: I LOVE IT!!! There hasn't been a single disappointment so far. I can't believe I can check my email anywhere! Coverage has been great for me. Battery life has been fine. I'd like a little more storage (I went with the 4GB version), only because I could only fit 4 episodes of America's Next Top Model (Season 8) on there along with my music and photos. I got used to the keyboard in a few days and am very impressed at its intuitiveness. So all in all, the iPhone comes highly recommended from me! (Go ahead mista, get one!)


Mary said...

Have fun! Take lots of pics! Drink lots of water LOL

Jeope said...

Drink lotsa sumthin'.

lady cupcake said...

Waaaah! Where are you?! I miss you lots. :-( *pout* Thanks for coming out girl... you were a great summer vacation!

mrs.bsdstudio said...

Tag, you’re it Mel!

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