Monday, November 03, 2008

Post Halloween Blues

I love Halloween. Why? Because I'm all for any excuse to wear a wig and a ridiculous outfit. For example, last year's Björk swan dress. This year I went in a different direction. While in a thrift store a few weeks back, I saw a hideous fur coat on the rack. I thought it might be funny to douse it in red paint and play a PETA victim (though I know they don't do that....anymore). I got Rob to play along as an animal rights activist. I even rigged up the paint can with some red streamers for a high tech paint-tossing effect. Here's the result.

The Money Shot

I was a little concerned with the shortness and sparkliness of the sequined mini. I'm normally one against the skankification of Halloween, and I think quite a few people mistook me for a dead hooker. But all in all, I was satisfied.

It was a great Halloween weekend! We ended up hitting four different events, two on Friday, two on Saturday. I already can't wait for next year. We're toying with the idea of going as two wild and crazy guys, but I suppose we have a year to figure that out.

I hope you all had a splendid Halloween!


Suzie said...

Hehehe wheeee!!! That's looks like so much fun! I wish in Melbourne we could substitute the awful horse-abusing Spring Racing Carnival with something cool and fun like Halloween. Seeing all my American blogger friend's costumes is making me wish I could be doing that too!

Mista said...

You are such a smarty pants...

Sooz said...

How clever! I love the idea! I couldnt think of anything so I dressed up as My boss at work and didnt do anything all day.. lol good times.

I just discovered your blog. Love it.