Monday, October 05, 2009

I'm black and blue!

So I went to get my hair done on Saturday! Between all of the processes and treatments necessary for my hair and the cut and trying on outfits for the photo shoot, I was there for over six hours. It was a LONG day. But I left with an amazing cut, and as promised, blue streaks! For free, no less!

When I'm not out in sunlight, the blue pretty much blends into the black. My boss came in to chat this morning and didn't even notice that my hair was blue until I mentioned it. So I suppose that's good. I do kind of feel like a comic book character, sporting my Wiggy McBob look. It's so shiny and feels really healthy compared to how my hair was.

Now I can cross "blue hair" off of my "things I've always wanted to try" list!


Kaileen Elise said...

i love the new look! sneaky blue-streaked hair sounds like so much fun :) xo,kaileenelise

Irit said...

You look great! Is this the photo your stylist is going to use? Tres chic!

Cat said...

how exciting! It looks FANTASTIC!
My hair is black & blue right now too!
LOVE blue hair!