Monday, August 22, 2005

Go Sox, uh, I guess!

¡Hola amigos! What is going on? Just thought I'd post a few pics for ya. You know, for the three people that actually look at this blog. But whatever.

First, here are two pics from our trip to Fenway in July. Rob has become increasingly obsessed with baseball. He listens to every Red Sox game on XM radio and will watch it whenever it's on tv. We've gone to about 10 games this summer. It's getting crazy. But I'm trying to be a supportive girlfriend. Notice my lovely Red Sox jersey. Notice the smile on my face as I sit through batting practice.

So things have been a little rocky this month of August. I had one awesome piece of luck. My company was sold, which meant that we got paid out our stock options. Turns out that 30% of my company made over 100K off of this deal. I, however, was not as lucky. But I got a few K, which is a nice little bonus. Unfortunately, all of that is now spent because our heating/cooling unit is now garbage. How much will that cost? Approx $3500. Sucks butt. I was planning on getting myself an iBook and everything! Oh well, I guess that's me being greedy, since I already have a G5 and I just bought a cinema display. I just can't help it. I love electronics. But home improvements are more important. Actually, I don't really have a choice....heat is kinda essential.

Anyway, another piece of good news. I have two quotes in the new issue of HOW (on newstands Aug 30th). Although I was slightly disappointed that they didn't include a pic of all of our HOWieZine pages like I had originally thought they were going to do. I mean, I told my whole family and even strangers ;-) that my work was going to be in HOW. But my name is in there and that kinda rocks! Anyway, my HOWieZine pages for issue #4 went MIA thanks to the good ole USPS. That was really heartbreaking. I spent so much time putting 60 pages together by hand. And this time I didn't just print and cut, I did much more handiwork. But I'm doing them all over again, which totally sucks, but at least I'll still get to participate.

Anyway, there were a few other sucky instances, like some work situations. Minor stuff, but all disappointing. So Rob wanted to cheer me up. He left this little surprise for my when I came home from work one day. Those are the beanies. There's beanie Melissa and beanie Rob. They look like us, sort of. They are kind of like pets because they have particular voices and Rob makes them dance and fight and say obscene things to me. But sometimes they are nice to me. Like here. Apparently I like farts. Rob is weird. But this made me laugh really hard. He challenged me to a game of Chutes and Ladders but I totally kicked his butt. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I'm off to bed for the evening. I get to go get my new drivers license before work and I need to find like 18 forms of ID before I go. Thanks for reading folks!


Mary said...

HAHAHA those beanies are hillarious...I was pleasantly surprised to see a new blog postie! I get pretty busy and sometimes I don't get to post near as much as I think of stuff to post about...

That sucks about the $3500 for the heating/cooling! I could live without heat, but not without AC! We'd die without AC!

Anonymous said...

You have to at least have 4 readers, because I'm a complete stranger and am always entertained by your blog.


Melissa said...

Joy, that is so sweet! In a creepy sort of way! :-) Haha, just kidding! I love ranting and I always seem to have something to rant about. It's funny, everytime I start a post, I always think it's going to be like four sentences long. But somehow once I start writing, I just go off! :-) Thanks for reading!

Matt said...

Hey Miss Melissa!

In truth, I'm glad my 'zine pages didn't make the HOW. I thought mine (The Secret Origin of The Imaginary Friends - yes, I'm finally fessing up) kind of sucked. (See where procrastination gets you?)

Anyway, bummer about the HVAC - hope it gets resolved inexpensively!

devon said...

that is really cute!!! :D craig needs to do more stuff like that. i'm forevah sending cards, little notes, writing on his mirror w/ my eyeliner, leaving notes under his pillow.... sheesh! i heart chutes and ladders! we play candyland. you should try playing it with pucker!!!! every time you land on green, do a shot of sour apple, purple, red, etc!!! lol.

lew! said...

Good Gravy! Sat through batting practice. Ugh, that has to be the most boring thing ever.

Nice you got a bonus to take care of the heat - it sucks now, but come january you'll be snug and warm making cards.

Jeope said...

Looks like I'm number six. So, yeah, six people are reading. Actually, I kinda just skimmed it looking for my name. Little disappointed.

Now, say it with me in a Count Von Count voice: "Dat's seex! Seex peepul reading my blahg! Ah ah ah!"