Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jeope is so cool!!! So are the other HOWies!

Yeah, he is. He's so cool that I had to title my blog post after him. ;-)

Visit his blog here. He's so talented, it makes me want to puke. And I mean that in a good way!


Speaking of cool, I just have to say thank you to my HOWies for making this birthday superb! I got more birthday wishes than I have in the past five years! They make me feel loved. And it's so great to have them as my dear friends. I am blessed. A few special HOWie shout outs. Nobody get angry at me for leaving them out! That means you jeff_bob!!! ;-) Okay fine, shout out to jeff_bob, even though his emails are not as lengthy as they used to be!

Special shout out to Ash, who really got me thinking deeply this past week. She made me realize that i need to look inside myself more often instead of trying to fix my life superficially. She is such an inspiration and I love knowing that she's there to lend her wisdom. Thank you, Ash.

Thank you to Maria and Amy for making the trip across the country! Sheesh, my friends won't even drive 45 minutes to see my house and you girls are coming from Phoenix! You are beautiful ladies and are like sisters to me. We are going to have a blast! Also, thanks to Maria for listening to me complain more than anyone in this world! She is the most understanding person to vent to! :-)

Thanks dev, for joining me in the quest for the rock. I hope it happens to us both at the same time. Who else can I send wedding invitation pics to that'll understand me like you do?? :-) Sometimes I think we're the same person! Except your a little kookier!

Even though he's not technically a HOWie anymore, thanks to Keith for trying his best to keep me sane in this corporate world. And I swear we'll do lunch soon! Sorry I've been so busy lately, but I'm not avoiding you! :-)

And of course there are so many others that make my every days special. Patti, for running this whole HOWieZine project and for calming me down when I was freaking out about my lost package. Even though I had to do extra work, it's all worth it in the end to be a part of something so great! Lisa, for caring about what you do so much, which in turn makes me want to care more about it too. Lew, for finding my secret blog and posting his support! :-) Bob and Rick for being crazy characters that crack me up in an instant! You all get the picture!

Anyway, I feel like I'm giving an acceptance speech or something. I just have lots of love for my HOWies and I want them to know it! **HUGS!!**


Princesa de Chocolate said...

I like to listen... listening is what I like to do... I like to hug people too.... I like to kiswhoops not that but hey I'm glad I can listen, I'm glad I can relate to a lot of the things we go through as people. I admire you... I'm so happy I met you!!! and yes JEOPE is SO SO COOLLLLLL! A J TO THE E TO THE O TO THE P TO THE EEEEEE! WOOHOO! * does cheerleader kick as shoe goes flying in the air *

devon said...

haha!!! this is cute mel!!! i SOOOOO want to come visit!! jeope does rawk. he's my new secret forum crush.... AW CRAP!! NOW IT ISN'T A SECRET/!?!? i've realized connor isn't attainable... :( haha! seriously though... i told him we would've been geeky high school buddies. ash is AWESOME! maria is AWESOME! amy cracks me UP! i hope i get more of a chance to hang with you ladies in las vegas IF i get to go :O i miss keith too. i hope he's in a better place as of late. i don't get the "lovely ladies of how" updates anymore. :( LEW RULES TOO!!! LEEEEEEEEWWWWW!!! lol!!! :D

devon said...

and mary too. i love mary. she makes me laugh daily!!

lew! said...

i think i check Jeope sight daily - his stuff is so good!

i keep on checking procrastinart too - and trying to sketch to procrastinate or when i get stressed at work. so thanks for the insparation there mel!

(ha - i would never do that in real life) :P

Jeff said...

Hmmm...wow! What does a guy have to do to get that kind of "A' list treatment? LOL

Thanks, I think, for the mention. I'm really gonna have to start working harder here huh?

Wow, and all my favorite HOWie girls singing his praises here too??? I'm really gonna have to kidnap this Canadian and find out what magic he wields! Haha!

I'm going back to my lair to plot my HOWie girl domination...this isn't over you, you Jeope you!

Actually he is a pretty cool guy. ;)

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