Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 Things

Cosa Número Uno

Tuesday was Roberto's 28th birthday. Woohoo! He really is the easiest person to shop for because he's so dang cheap that he won't buy himself stuff that he wants. Unlike myself, who will splurge on unnecessary garbage. He made it very clear that he wanted a microscope. Not sure what he plans on observing under one, but he only seems to appreciate educational gifts. However, I wanted to get him something a little more meaningful, a little unexpected.

So, I thought, what else does Rob like? Well, there's baseball, but I just gave him that baseball bachelor party as a wedding gift. Oh, nature, that's always a winner. Lessee. He's always said how he's never been on a real hike. After a few hours of deliberation and internet research, I decided on a four day mini-vacation in Shenandoah Valley Virginia where Rob can hike his little heart out. We'll be there August 23-26.

We're staying at the Skyland Resort, at 3,680 feet, in a room with a view.

I gathered a crap-load of hiking-related items (ranging from freeze-dried ice cream, to an emergency kit, to cushiony hiking socks) and wrapped them all up. Still, after 11 gifts, he thought he was getting a microscope! Then I handed him an envelope with the trip details and he flipped, in a good way. I think he's most surprised that I would be willing to go hiking with him. Me - the indoor, nap-taking, fast food-eating, make-up-wearing, internet-surfing queen. I think it's going to be a great time! Just me, my husband, 300-500 black bears, and loads of bugs. Awesome.

Cosa Número Dos

I'm going to stop dawdling and start thinking about what I want out of my life, professionally. Sure, sure, my job is fine. Better than most, I'll bet. But the point of taking a creatively-stifling job in exchange for a decent paycheck is so I can live comfortably while focusing on creativity in my spare time. Well, I haven't been doing much of that! I haven't done anything crafty lately. I haven't even been reading up on my field. I basically get home and veg out. Bad Melissa! Bad! So in an attempt to get back on track, I ordered myself a portfolio book:

Ain't it purty? It's kind of pathetic, but I'm a designer that doesn't have a portfolio together. I started working here while I was still in college, so I never put much pressure on myself to get one together. Four years later, I'm thinking it might be a good idea. I don't know what is going to happen or when it's going to happen, but I'd like to start creating some things that I'm proud of.

*Bonus thing: A street cleaner yesterday told me that I had a beautiful smile and I made his day. I wanted to run over and give him a big smooch for his kindness! Turns out he made my day.


lew! said...

mel, it ell you what in some ways we are very kindred spirits.

i am totally the same with the work/home thing. AND oddly that's is the exact portfolio i want to get.
Will wonders never cease?

Tell Rob i said happy b-day!
That is an AWESOME gift. Wow!
Looks like a great place, hope the weather turns out well and you two have a swell time!

Jeope said...

I don't have a portfolio either. Well, we built them last thing in college but mine was quite laughable. I sold it for scrap.

Good on you, though.

Mary said...

I have a portfolio, but its mostly ready for making a presentation. I've been working on getting together an online portfolio as well as some little mini-books to send out long-distance when I can't be there for like an interview or something. Its SO MUCH WORK.

Melissa said...

I should take some photos of my ginormous portfolio so you can see it. It's pretty silly.