Monday, August 21, 2006

Amish Paradise

This past weekend flew by faster than I'm used to, although it was eventful, to say the least. Saturday morning we headed to Amish country to attend Rob's father's 2nd Annual Summer BBQ and Festivities. Rob's dad and step-mom have a nice place amongst the corn and tobacco fields of the Amish, and they invited family and friends over to rejoice over mountains of food. Right behind their house we saw an Amish kid, no older than 10, plowing the fields with a bunch of horses.

On the way up, Rob had major road rage since we left a little later than he wanted. Although the reason for that was because he found a deer tick on him and freaked out about it for nearly an hour. So after two brutal hours in the car, we showed up around 1pm.

It was a great time! There were about 40-50 people there, but we only knew about 8 of them. It was mostly neighbors and coworkers. Rob did his usual "ignore Melissa for sports" thing that he does. We did play two games of horseshoes, which we won. I had mad skillz the first game (2 ringers, yay!), then tore my finger up and Rob had to carry the team. After that, Rob started with volleyball, which lasted for hours and hours. I watched a lot. And ate a lot. And talked a lot.

As it got later in the night, probably around 8:30pm, a few of the guests discovered a flood in the basement. Luckily quite a few of the guests were handy with plumbing, so an hour and a half later, they fixed the problem which turned out to be a clog from someone flushing paper towels down the toilet. Nice.

After all that stress, Rob's dad showered and was ready to relax at 10pm. Two minutes later, his wife fell down the stairs and smashed her face into the hardwood floor. Rob and I held down the fort at the party while Rob's dad took his wife to the emergency room where she had to get 8 stitches in her mouth. Yuck. She also had a pretty bad black eye. We're telling people that her son pushed her down the makes for a better story.

The next day we left in the morning and stopped by Crate and Barrel to pick up some new fancy furniture for our home. I was really excited about getting a new desk. While we're there, we pick out a buffet, a bookcase, a desk, and two wall shelf thingies. The only things they had in stock were the bookcase and half of the desk. Dagnabit!! So, unlucky for Rob, he's going to have to go pick up the stuff when it arrives.

Then we had some trouble getting out of Crate and Barrel. Somehow we got onto the PA Turnpike, which was an error. And there was no place to turn around so we had to go up 13 miles to the next exit. Poo. Road Rage Rob was not in a happy place. After a tasty lunch stop, we arrived home and I passed out for a good, long nap. Just the refresher I needed before assembling that heavy-ass bookcase all by my lonesome.

Now we have tonight and tomorrow night to pick up our final things for our big trip to Shenandoah Valley, VA! Woohoo! Let's hope Road Rage Rob can stay calm during the 5 hour drive. Fingers crossed!


lew! said...

rob doesn't seem like the road rage type. i guess we all have our flaws.

Mary said...

Patrick is the exact same way about the road rage thing! I hate it! Oh, and he would also FUH-REAK if he found a tick. Furthermore, finding a tick on him *in* the car could be a road harzard LOL