Thursday, September 07, 2006

I'm going to need more storage...

...if I keep making cards at this rate!

I had another productive few hours this evening and pumped out 9 more cards. Shoulda been 10, but right as I was sewing the last piece on the last card, I made the mistake of thinking to myself, hey, I've gone the whole night without screwing up a card! Cursed! That's when the bobin ran out of thread. So add that to the 9 I made yesterday and I'm on my way to an inventory. Yessir!

Just to give you a peek, here are the two styles of cards I made yesterday and today:

Sorry for the crappy photos. I think I need to explore some different designs, since all my cards are identical. I'm just trying to build up a little collection of cards in this style and then I'll move on. This sudden urge to craft came about because I think I'm going to take a plunge and (if I'm accepted) be a vendor at an upcoming craft fair in Philly. I'll be going out of my comfort zone if this goes through, but I could use a little nudge.

Craft (Product) Variety Show <-- It seems awesome!

So from now until the end of November (again, IF they choose my stuff), I'm going to be a craft machine. Stay on the scene! With the craft machine! Ehem.


Jeope said...

I used to make my own cards as a kid. Not crafty though, just hand-drawn. I even had a little company on the back (JeopeCo) with the copyright symbol and a suggested price. I wish I knew where that business savvy went.

Mrs. Maria said...

Mel, as usual they're looking so great! Keep it up girlfriend!!! :)