Monday, September 11, 2006

Photo Booth Phun in Philly!

Tonight Roberto y yo went to El Vez for Philly Restaurant Week. It was mucho delicioso. I had some shrimp quesadillas, Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon, and fried ice cream. The atmosphere of the place was great and our waitress was super nice, so the whole experience was a thumbs up!

In the middle of the restaurant, they have a photo booth. I used to go to the photo booth in Woolworth's with my friend Becky back in 10th grade, so I got a little nostalgic and forced Rob to participate in the hokiness.

Here's our ultimately cheesy photo strip, sombreros and all:

We're such dorks.

Anyway, I'm spending my Tuesday up in NYC to check out our exhibit space at a convention, so see you all on Wednesday!


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Princesa de Chocolate said...

This is so cute. I want a booth photo with my hubby. I miss you Mel. :(