Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And away we go!

Our condo is officially on the market, as of yesterday. The sign is in our window. The lock box is on our doorknob. It's a very strange feeling. But after meeting with our realtor on Sunday night and taking a look at our neighborly competition, I feel much better! Ours was the nicest unit, although there was one that was comparable. But we've scrubbed and cleaned, and I think this place looks purty nice!

There are a few things we need to do, like get new flooring in one of the bathrooms, do some minor touch-up painting, and clean the outside hallway area where I accidentally spilled Caf├ę Mocha all over the siding. Tee hee. But I really think this place will sell! In fact, our realtor already contacted us saying someone emailed her about it! Woohoo!

Who knows what'll happen. November still seems so far away. But it's exciting to think about where I'll put my sofa (in front of the fireplace!) and what color I'll paint the bathroom (slate blue maybe?) and what kind of patio set to get (how about the free one in my parents' garage!)

You're all invited to our housewarming party in 2008!


Jeope said...

I heard they're changing the Delaware River into a new expressway.

Jeope said...

Sorry, that was mean. But remember what I told you – eyes on the prize, m'lady! And you've already done this once before, so it's gonna be old hat now.