Monday, April 30, 2007


My brain is working overtime and I can't calm it down. All I can think about is crafting. What to make? How many to make? How to make it? I went from making boxed sets of cards, to thinking about making some handbound books, to sewing a felt flower, to considering turning that into a sachet. Okay, stop! One thing at a time.

Here's what I want to have at the craft show.

- 150 to 200 collage cards. I have about 120 now.
- 40 to 50 boxed sets of cards. I'm almost done with 20.
- 20 Appointment card sets. Only have about 5 now.
- 20 gift tag sets. Just ordered the printing today.
- 50 button sets. Just ordered buttons today.

And I'll probably bring the 100 key fobs I made last year that are just sitting in my closet.

So why do I feel that isn't going to be enough? It seems like a lot now that I think about it. I keep trying to think of new things I could make. Like IOU coupons. And little handmade notepads. But I might be going overboard. If I only sell 4 cards, I'll have a lot of crafts taking up space in my house.

Um, that was pretty much just me thinking outloud.


lew! said...

good jorb mel!
sounds like you've been very productive. Congrats on the craft bazar too!

miss.supafly said...

Congrats on the Craft Bazaar & welcome to Stressville! It sounds like you've got everything in order so far. You'll have to post pictures of the things you bring -- I'd love to see the designs. GOOD LUCK!