Wednesday, January 28, 2009

From Philly with Love

From Philly with Love

I'm coming out of craft hibernation for two hours on February 7th. Luckily I have two Rubbermaid containers full of note cards and other paper goods, even some Valentine's Day stuff, so I won't have to scramble to print last minute items. It's going to be held at Tbar (a tea bar, get it?) in Philly. Should be a good time! If you're in the area, definitely stop by!

Want more details? CLICK HERE!

Here are a few of the things I'll have with me. Going through all of my old inventory really makes me want to start crafting again. But lord knows I can barely keep up with the stuff I have going on right now!

Boxed Set #1: detail

Petite Valentines - Packaging

Valentine Love Coupons

Loveless Valentines


Maybe even some of my "Niceness is Priceless" prints? Who knows!


Louella Court said...

Love the "hot & bothered" mini Valentine! So cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the 'I like you as a *friend*, but happy Valentine's Day anyway.' cards - so cute! :)

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Have fun!! I couldn't imagine pulling out old stuff I've done, and still liking it!!! You're lucky your work has always been timeless and resolved!

tara - said...

love the mini valentines! and the bookmarks! and the love you as a friend card! well, everything!

wish i could go to the show!

Mista said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I was in Philly for it. I do love my valentines cards from you last year. Also hearting the pink and black cards you've got...