Monday, February 02, 2009

Melissa Through the Years

On my 16th birthday, my grandmother gave me a little album that she titled "From Sweet Baby to Sweet 16", and it was full of photos of me throughout the years. I pulled out the album last night for a little reminiscing and I decided to scan some in.

Here I am with my mom. This was the first picture ever taken of me. Yeah, I was a pretty big baby. Chubby, red-faced, and cross-eyed. Very attractive. I eventually grew out of all three traits.

My First Photo

Look at how happy I am to be with my parents and grandmother! Does this photo scream 80's or what?

So Happy

There's really nothing like looking back on old grade school photos to make you cringe.

Class Photos

Clockwise from top left:
1st Grade (I think); 3rd Grade (nothing says 3rd Grade like fake forest backdrops); 4th Grade (I was at my tannest); 5th Grade (I was vomiting in the bathroom this day, but I wouldn't go home because of class photos); 6th Grade (the dreaded bad perm phase); 7th Grade (the dreaded denim shirt phase)

And here I am, years later, and I've defaulted back to the banged hairdo.


Artsy Fartsy said...

He he! This is awesome. I'm fairly certain I also wore a denim shirt in my 7th grade picture, too!

Suzie said...

Your hair is so shiny!

I'm inspired, I want to put something like this together! I was a cute kid, I looked like a blonde mushroom. It's the later years where I discovered DIY hair dye and cheap/bad hairdressers that are the scary years!

Traci said...

You are adorable! I can tell your Mom is too :o)

YourNeighborSL said...

Aww... your baby photos are so sweet!

wiff said...

you and your mom look exactly alike! aww, yay for 80's babies :)

Amran Shahir Ismail said...

You look better better as you grow older!

Glennis said...

You look a lot like your Mum. Pretty.

becca said...

yayyyyy fusion babies! :) :)