Sunday, February 15, 2009

Award-Winning Performance

I had an awesome time at the Twestival last Thursday. There's nothing like being in a room filled with other social networking nerds to make you really feel like you're a part of something special.

For weeks I was anxiously awaiting the Rock Band tournament. I'd come home from work and sneak a little bit of practice in before Rob got home from work to ridicule me. I was gonna WIN this thing!

And here it was, Thursday night, my palms sweating, my stomach churning. The first two bands played. They were good, but I was still confident. I volunteered to go next. I asked my two assigned band mates if they would mind if we did "So Whatcha Want" by the Beastie Boys. They didn't care a bit. I looked out into the sea of geeks, my heart pounding, and began.

The result? I got 100% on Expert, which meant the closest someone could get to me would be a tie! I had succeeded! Take that, Mom! Who said video games would get you nowhere?!?!

I had first choice of prizes. Rob "encouraged" me to take the most valuable prize, two floor seats to see the 76ers play the Miami Heat, worth $305 a ticket. Unfortunately for me, I'll be in Arizona during the game, so I won't even get to enjoy my prize. Rob's going to take his dad instead. It's probably better that way. I wouldn't enjoy it as much anyway. And now, the leverage that I hold over Rob is more valuable than any prize I could have won. He owes me. He owes me big. And there's a room full of nerds that will make sure he repays me.


brooke @ claremont road said...

that. is. AWESOME.

danielle said...

You are my hero!

Suzie said...


Cesia said...

Sweet! What instrument did you play? I'm a RB nerd too. (Its sad when getting RB actually made me and the Hubster MORE cool.)

BTW, I found the Operation Nice badge yesterday, and am totally stoked to add it to my blog! And then, I realized you're melissahead and I ordered something from you on Etsy once! (I think it was a Certificate of Awesomeness or something.) It just feels like a small world. :)

- Cesia.