Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jam Packed

Holy moly. It has been quite a few weeks. Aside from being the absolute busiest season at work (where stress has brought me to tears at the office twice in a week), it coincidentally happened to be one of my busiest seasons socially due to the Philadelphia Film Festival. I figured I'd give you the abridged review of my last two weeks.

Thursday, March 26
(500) Days of Summer - Absolutely loved it! Quirky, creative, funny, sweet. Go see it!

Friday, March 27
Art & Copy - documentary about the advertising industry; enjoyed it, kind of neat hearing about how some of the biggest ad campaigns came about
Eldorado - bizarre film from Belgium; kind of felt like a long short film, slow, quiet, strange; but there was a lot of humor to be found in simple things, like the way the characters looked at each other

Saturday, March 28
Love, Soccer, and Other Catastrophes - I really liked this one; funny Italian film about a club soccer team and their relationships

Sunday, March 29
It's Not Me, I Swear - one of my favorites of the festival; dark comedy about a dysfunctional (and seriously evil!) little boy

Monday, March 30
Goodbye Solo - another one of my favorites; beautiful (yet heart-wrenching) film about an unexpected relationship

Tuesday, March 31
Kisses - Irish film about two young neighbors with dysfunctional families who try to escape their lives; pretty good

Thursday, April 2
Heart of Stone - emotional documentary about a Newark NJ high school principal; the only movie where I cried my eyes out

Friday, April 3
The King of Ping Pong - big disappointment; looked like it would be a quirky Swedish film, but halfway through I started checking my watch

Saturday, April 4
Children of Invention - film about a single mother who gets caught up in pyramid schemes and how her two young children cope; I enjoyed this one quite a bit
Ray LaMontagne show @ the Tower Theatre - only in Philly could a drunken brawl erupt at a Ray LaMontagne show; he was incredible, and if I could marry a voice, it'd be his

Sunday, April 5
Is Anybody There? - cute little film starring Michael Caine and Bill Milner (from Son of Rambow, my favorite Film Fest pick from last year); not life changing, but cute anyway

Monday, April 6
Lymelife - another dysfunctional family film, starring two Culkins, a Baldwin, and a few other stars; I enjoyed this film; maybe I just think this because there are Culkins in this film, but it has kind of an Igby Goes Down feel

Tuesday, April 7
Ra Ra Riot, Cold War Kids, Death Cab for Cutie show - awesome; Ra Ra Riot only played for about 20 minutes, and I wish they would have played for another hour, I love them; I could take or leave Cold War Kids, not crazy about them; Death Cab rocked the hizouse; in other news, I wanted to punch the people sitting next to me for talking at full volume throughout the whole show

And that's it! I have a free night tonight!! Then tomorrow it's roller skating with Rob's students, parents' house on Friday, Rob's family's place for Easter, yadda yadda yadda. But after that whole two week stint, I feel enriched. :) Now I need a nap. Oh yeah, and my job is driving me bananas.

How are YOU doing???


Candis said...

How was the Ray LaMontagne show? He is coming to Cleveland in a few weeks and I was thinking of going.

Melissa said...

Definitely go! He was amazing. I actually feel like he sounds even better live than on his albums. Hopefully no fist-fights will break out in Cleveland!

Rob said...


Did you see "Adventureland" yet? Do it.. please.

Rob v.20