Thursday, April 16, 2009

My New Favorite Person

The cashier at Friendly's is my new favorite person. I went in there and ordered two double thick chocolate milkshakes, paid, and had a seat on the bench in the waiting area.

(After two minutes.)

Friendly's Guy: Hey, you're the girl from that season of Top Model, right??
Me: Ummm, no, but thank you!
FG: Really?
Me: Really.
FG: Aww, I told her (motioning to other waitress) that you were!
Me: Actually, someone else made that same comment a while ago, but I've seen every season of Top Model, and I can't figure out which girl I look like!
FG: Every time you come in I think, "Wow, she's so pretty, she must be that Top Model girl."
Me: Really?? Wow, you just made my month!! Thank you! Are you just saying that so I'll keep coming back?
FG: Nah, I don't need to do that. You're already in here a lot.

Alright. Now I know I'm okay-looking. I've grown out of my teenage "I hate everything about myself" phase. And with some good cosmetics, I can pass for cute. But this dude thinks I'm a Top Model girl! That is one of the most flattering things I've ever heard, and I'm going to reread this blog post every time I'm having a fugly day.

Thank you Friendly's Guy! I think I love you!


Irit said...

Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

BTW, I'm Irit from Israel. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I love it. Kudos on Operation NICE!

danielle said...

You are beautiful! And I miss your posts..come back!!!

Mrs. Maria said...

You gotta sing with me "Feeling Hot Hot Hot". :-) You're a purdy lady, no doubt about it!

Elly said...

Oh, that's brilliant! :) Yay for people who makes day seem brighter!

Anonymous said...

just admit it already
you're a total indie rock babe
-rob #2

ps... friendly's is pretty gross