Sunday, January 23, 2005

Can you feel the snow tonight?

Okay, so the past week or so, I've been MIA. I have actually had to work at work....dang those employers for cutting into my forum and blog time! Let me give you a quick update of what has been going on.

First of all, last monday was Jenna's first day as "Marketing Associate" so I've had my hands full trying to show her the ropes. It's so awesome having her there though. I didn't have to do a single business card order all week!!! Plus she's been so fun! Okay, so I might be getting a little less work done because we've been chatting, but now there are two of us, so it evens out!

Anyway, our quarterly meeting is this coming Friday, and since last November's meeting sucked, I've been determined to do a hilarious 10-13 min video for this meeting. You see, last year no one would help me with my video ideas, so the whole presentation was a crappy slide show of people's stupid pets. Sure, cute, but definitely not funny. This time, I borrowed my mom's karaoke machine and had coworkers perform, American Idol style. We filmed last week and it was freakin hilarious! This meeting is going to be the best yet! I'm taking 20-30 second clips of everyone and following them with select American Idol quips from Simon. I'll have to post it when I finish. I chose "wannabe" by the Spice Girls, and I think I would definitely be chosen to go to Hollywood. I rocked the hizouse.

Friday night Rob and I went out with Jenna and her boyfriend Kevin. We had a blast. It's so nice to finally have some friends that are similar to us. Nowadays, they are harder and harder to find. But they are a ton of fun, and Rob was in his usual form, chewing everyone's ear off. Good thing he's hilarious or I'd be so irritated! :-) So now we have "couple" friends do to adult things with, like go to dinner and concerts and day trips with. Thank goodness because I was really getting sick of Rob! Just kidding!

So, Saturday was supposed to be Lion King day. I say supposed to be because we got a stupid blizzard here and were unable to make it to New York City!! I was so bummed. And Rob was bummed because those tickets cost him like $180. So we stayed home and cleaned the, fun, fun. But luckily, it turns out we can get a rain check since the weather was so bad. Maybe I can get a show in April or May, when the threat of a blizzard isn't so great.

Today I took the tree down. It was sad. Now the corner of my living room is so empty. I need to get some shelves or something. And now I'm finally ready to start working on my new website, Rob's occupied watching football and we're pretty much trapped in the house today anyway. I hope I can get something accomplished.

I'm probably not going to be as avid of a forum poster or blogger or even emailer for a while because I have to be a good example at work now. And besides, I've been a crappy employee for the past few months, good thing no one there knows, but I'd like to be a little better.


Go Kayak said...

Thanks for catching us up. I thought of you during the storm and was so hoping that it wouldn't ruin the Lion King for you. It's nice to hear you can get a rain check.

I've been battling the flu....yuck

Jeope said...

What's gonna happen at A portfolio site?

Hope you show up at least a few times. I like to think I'm an OK employee, and I still visit the circuit once in awhile. Maybe heap some more duties on the newbie?

devon said...

pease come backie!!!
we missie you missy!!!!



Go Kayak said...

Miss you. Miss you. I've been over the flu for a while, so you can come back now.