Thursday, January 13, 2005

Good news and bad news.

My boss rocks. She's just so cool, and I admit I am really, really lucky to have her as my boss! I was telling her about the new mac stuff that came out, mini-mac and ipod shuffle, etc. My company is very anti-mac, and I am the only one out of like 400 people that has one, and they refuse to support it. Fine, I don't need support, it's a mac! :-)

Anyway, last month she was throwing the idea to her boss of using the iPod as a giveaway at our conferences, but they were just too expensive. So she thought the iPod shuffle would be a neat idea. I, jokingly, said the marketing department should get them to "test it out" and see how 'user-friendly" it is. So she told me to get one for myself! Yay! Now, I already have an awesome iPod, but who can pass up a new toy??? Plus I lost my flash drive, so this will be a great replacement!!!!

Fun fun fun!!

Okay, the bad news really isn't that bad. Rob and I have a nurse coming over tonight to take our blood and do tests and stuff. All part of the life insurance drama. At least she comes to our house. But I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything other than water after 3pm, and our appointment is for 7pm. I guess can handle that. It's been a while since I've gotten blood taken. Hopefully she's good. I remember my mom used to go all the time and sometimes she'd come home with her arm all bruised up. Oh man, I just rememberd that Jeopardy is on at 7pm! Dang it!


Dave said...

Man, if you get tired of the old iPod in favor of the new, don't toss it in the trash, send it here!

How much blood do they want? I can't imagine it eating into any Jeopardy time (I think your nerd test was a bit off...;-)). But don't ever go to the hospital, especially if you have a blood problem, they stick you all the damn time! Blech! Vampires.


Mary said...

We talked to our insurance agent about renters insurance and DANG! If that isn't hard to get!? We have no idea what could be so wrong that we are denied. However, Patrick said they talked about life insurance and it was very depressing. I have a automatic plan via work, those other plans seem so steep. Insurance is one of those evils of life.

devon said...

getting blood taken.... :X

i can't handle that!

Go Kayak said...

Hi Mel,

Our friend Mary, the one that introduced Chris and me does that for a living. She goes to people's houses for insurance physicals. She's been doing it for over 20 years now and meets some really interesting characters.

I've been thinking of getting a Shuffle for my daughters for their birthdays. Before it would have been too expensive to get them one, but the price of the shuffle wouldn't eat a hole in my budget. Also, I've been trying to talk my company into buying the Mini. I work in a PC environment, have for a long time now, but miss having a Mac around.

Jeope said...

I'm worried, Mel. You haven't posted in days. Did this "nurse" bleed you guys dry and then fly out the window howling? 'Cause I had a nurse like that one time. It was no fun.

Or maybe it was in a movie? I don't know.