Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Find the Korean

What the heck?? I never thought that my name was all that difficult to spell but it seems like more people misspell my name than spell it correctly. I receive packages addressed to "Mellisa" or "Mellissa" or "Melisa" all the time! Today on my Starbucks cup it said, "Mellisa." I think that's the most popular misspelling. That's it, from now on I'm going to spell my name "Malyssa" because I might as well!

Anyway, that was just a mini-rant.

La dee da, I get my new G5 today!!! And all new software!!! Fun fun fun!!!! I'm such a computer geek. Seriously, this is the highlight of my month! Actually, the highlight of my month is Jenna, my new friend who, starting Monday will be my new coworker! She's the one getting my current G5, which is enabling me to get a super duper new one. She's totally cool, and I'm really exciting about having a friend at work! Rob and I went to brunch with her and her boyfriend, Kevin on Sunday. It was nice for us to talk to people that have similar interests to us, because around here, people like that are rare. And our current friends are pretty immature and selfish sometimes, so Rob and I stick to spending a lot of time with each other. But now I'll actually have a live person (no offense all you guys) to talk with besides Rob! :-)

Rob's family is going on a cruise in June to celebrate his grandmother's birthday and they asked us to come along. I really do love Rob's family, they are great, and I have no problems with going on vacation with them, but I only get a certain amount of vacation days, and if we go, we are pretty much not going to be able to take another trip anytime soon. That includes our annual Boston vacation. Plus, do we really have $1200 to spend on a vacation? I mean, we just bought a condo and are trying to save up. How am I going to get that big rock if we keep spending money??? Okay, that last part isn't really a concern of mine, but the rest of it is. Any thoughts???

Hmm, maybe I should say something interesting or funny in this post. Uh, okay, got it. When I was 13 I went to Disneyworld with my parents and our family friends, the Jones. The dad is Irish and the mom is Korean, just like my family, and they have two kids. Spencer, who is my age and Ryan, four years younger. Anyway, the two kids and I were waiting in line to get on Splash Mountain and standing behind us was an Asian woman. So we were whispering to each other, "Do you think she's Korean??" As a stupid kid, we decided to find out by saying a word in Korean to see if she looks. What word did we choose? "Butt", of course. So Spencer says "butt" and we giggle. She giggles too, aware of our plan. So that, my friends, is how you find a Korean person in a crowd. The End.

I really just wanted to ramble so that scary audioblog would get pushed down far enough to be ignored. Hope it worked! Later gators!


Go Kayak said...

Oh man! I hear ya.
You should see what happens to my last name. First, people can't figure out how to pronounce it, so I hear all sorts of silly things. Then they have trouble writing it. I once got a piece of mail addressed to Mrs. Linguini. HA! Come on people, it's only three syllables. Yeah, yeah, I know it's unusual...

Anonymous said...

just cruisin' a long. leavin' a HOWie hello.

I am seriously jealous that you have a G5. Anyway, congrats.

Actually, I wanted to comment about the name. I know how you feel. very few people know how to spell my name either. or pronounce it.

(lauren, lorin, warren, loven and many more) Loren

Mary said...

A lot of people get my last name wrong. Ferguson. Usually it is misspelled as "Furgeson"...

Not that hard, folks! LOL

hehehe... I liked the butt story!

devon said...

i get "deon" a lot. um. ok.

devin, dehvin, deven, whadevah.

and i'm a boy apparently.

"mr devon bender"


i like butts, they are cute. and seriously under-rated on men.

now i'm thinking about craig's butt.

devon said...


do you have the coworker "code" when you want to pop out for coffee?

"i'd like to discuss some numbers..." :D

i'm getting there mel!

she just broke up with her boyfriend....

Jeope said...

How in tarnation can anyone muss up 'Melissa'? Holy crap! I've always considered creating a list of misspellings of my name. Darn it, that's what I'm gonna do. Lookie that. Your post has inspired me.

Anyway: Ta. Just perusin' tha blog circuit.

Memo for Monday: Haze the newbie!