Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle!

Alright, you can scold me. It’s been a really long time. It’s just been so busy at work lately that blogging hasn’t been as easy. I’ve been trying to be a better employee and actually do a good job on my work. But I think I’m just getting more work instead.

Haven’t been up to much in my social life, other than board games. Rob and I are undefeated Cranium and Taboo champions and we are hoping to soon take over Scattegories. Our Taboo championship is being challenged this Friday when Jenna and Kevin come over. They have a pretty good connection, so to be honest, I’m a little nervous. But Rob is the ultimate clue giver, so I hope I have nothing to worry about.

Speaking of games, I have decided that one day I will be on Wheel of Fortune. During the whole Kevin Jennings era, Rob and I got back into watching Jeopardy, and since it’s followed by Wheel, we just kinda fell into that. I always thought Wheel was the worst game, but regardless of that, I freaking rock at it! I can guess most puzzles with less than 20% of the letters up there. I think I freak Rob out. He’s always yelling at me, “You have to go on this show!!!” I’d feel like a tool, but nowadays people win over 20K on that least! I think it’s because I am an only child, and growing up I just did a lot of word puzzles and things. You should see how fast I can do a word search!

Along with being on Wheel of Fortune, I decided that my other lifelong dream is to be a greeting card designer. Not like Hallmark or anything, but like those adorable notecards you find at the Papery or Blue Tulip or other fine stationery stores. I can totally do that. So I’ve been spending my extra time, and extra money, putting together blank notecards. I should take some photos and post them. I have a big shipment coming in from Chatterbox today. If you all haven’t been there, check out

Alright, I got in a good amount of blog-time. Back to work for me. Later gators!!


Go Kayak said...

Mel, I'd like to buy a vowel...
Thanks for the Chatterbox link. I'd never heard of them.

It's great to hear from you. I missed seeing what you were up to.

Jeope said...

HOLY CRAP! I almost ditched the link to this blog.

Kerry and I are master Cranium playaz. I am the best backwards speller on the planet. We challenge you to meet us someplace halfway between Philly and Winnipeg (Winny? Peggy?) where it would promptly go down.

Mrs. Maria said...

Mel, hon, You have to stop being such a good employee... I'm missing your posts... don't leave us hanging so long! :) On another note I stink at games and my best is probably "connect four"... right laugh it out!

shannon said...

Do you have any small art stores in your area? That would be a great place to sell your greeting cards. People love that stuff! Post pics please!!!