Friday, September 23, 2005

My girls like to party all the time!

Well, my girlies (Amy and Maria) left me yesterday. Boohoo. Back to regular life. This was such a great vacation and I didn’t even really have to go anywhere! I have so much to write about, but not a lot of time, so I figured I’d just post some pictures.

We went out in NYC on Saturday night and it was like getting ready for prom! On Friday, the girls peer pressured me into getting this gorgeous top from Bebe, and well, I had to get some pants too while I was at it. I mean, I didn't have NYC nightlife appropriate clothing! :-) Oh yeah, and I had to go to MAC to get some matching eye makeup too. Anyway, we spent hours primping and even sported the fake eyelashes. I was a little freaked out because of my whole eye-thing, but I conquered my fear to look fabulous! I couldn't see that well all night, but it was worth it! So here are some prom pics of us:

Check out the lushes lashes:

After a brief stint at what turned out to be a gay bar, we found our way to the Aer Lounge. I don't know what new yorkers put in their drinks, but one appletini at the Aer Lounge and we were good for the night! Thank goodness since they were $12 a piece. Here's a pic of us at the club, check out Amy's shirt-dress. I can't even count how many comments she got on her outfit that night! ;-)

I had a little accident that night. While climbing up on something (don't ask), I stepped on a cushion-y bench, that I didn't realize was so soft and I took a little tumble. Silly me. Here's a picture of my knee the next morning:

And here are two more pics from one night when we went out in Philly. We started at Pod, then went to the Continental, and ended up in Mint. I'll tell ya all about it at a later date:

So that's a brief peek at Amy and Maria's East Coast Tour 2005. It didn't end up being a poor girl's tour like we had originally planned, but oh well. Who can afford to be poor on a vacation like this?! I'll be sure to give you all the filthy details later. :-)


Jeope said...

Ho boy. I'll sleep well tonight.

; )

Mary said...

You gals look fabulous!!
Mel, in that second group shot you look amazing! I just have to tell you that! You all do, of course :)

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Fun times fun times... come back to me now... So much fun... I like the Aer Lounge photo... you cut my martini out LOL... I love the martini 'cause I'm spilling it all over. LOL... I miss you Mel! You know that already though!

RDQLUS (Stevie G.) said...

I know you all thought I sent you to an ill spot...but I checked it out. I was right. It's my joint, I wouldn't do you wrong like that! LOL! Just an off night. I am so jealous of the fun and tell my boy Rob that when I come's done for, shut down, run through, illy ass fiasco! We are going to do it right!

Love the pics, sis...and I love you! Miss ya kiddo! (you to Big Rob hollatchaboy!!)