Tuesday, October 04, 2005

WARNING: Long-ass post below!

Hi folks! Things have been really busy in Mel-world lately. I’m enjoying my time now sitting around and typing a blog entry from bed.

Let me brief you, dear diary style.


Friday started at 5:15am. Rob and I have been waking up early to avoid traffic. It’s pretty nice, but my commute has been longer due to the fact that we’re carpooling to save gas money. So I have to drop Rob off in Camden and pick him up after work. And since Rob talks more than anyone I know, he usually talks to coworkers for another half an hour, so I’m still getting home at 6:30pm. Anyway.

This Friday was going to be a long one because we were going to the Aqualung concert at the TLA at 9pm. Instead of going home, which would be pointless, we just decided to hang out in the city all night. So from 5-7 we wandered around South Street where I pointed out everything that happened when I was there with Amy and Maria. *tear* I miss them. Then we parked our butts on a bar stool to watch the red sox game from 7-10. We even skipped the opening bands so we could catch the whole game. Then we got to the Aqualung show. EVERYONE GO OUT AND BUY HIS ALBUM! I think I love him. Here’s his picture:

What could be better than a skinny, romantic, British guy with glasses??? Well, he didn’t wear the glasses during the show. If he did, I probably would have rushed the stage. His words melt my heart! So, if you can tell, I thought the show was incredible. Plus he was hilarious, which is always a bonus.

After the show we got some pizza. Rob bought a slice of pizza for a homeless guy and then we felt like crap afterwards as the man thanked us and ran off to enjoy the food. How sad. Then we got home around 1am, had to shower and got to bed at almost 2am. What a long day!


Thought I could sleep in but noooooo. Woke up at 7am to go to a diner with Rob and Phuong, Rob’s new coworker that has become his Siamese twin. (In fact, he’s on the phone with her right now.) Basically, she’s new here and he adopted her as his kid sister. So we went to breakfast with her on Saturday and went to the Collingswood book fair. I’m not much of a reader, as ignorant as that makes me sound, so I broke off from the two of them and stopped at some shops and wandered around the farmers market. The weather was ideal. I was comfortable in long sleeves, no jacket, and a scarf. I love that. I got some apple cinnamon pound cake and flowers for my mom. After a few hours at the fair, we went to my parents house. I got to spend some nice quality time with my family. And I was able to get to bed by 10pm, which was great!


Got up early to prepare for our trip to the Across the Narrows music festival in Coney Island. Got to Coney Island at around noon and walked around for a little. What a great place for photography! Rob and I need to go back because it was so interesting, but we didn’t have time to explore. So we’ll have to make a trip soon.

The festival was so much fun! It was in a minor league baseball stadium and for the first half, barely anyone was there. We walked around and listened to some music. Whirlwind Heat was first. I had seen them before. They are okay, a little hard for me, and the lead singer is a freak. Then came Gang Gang Dance. I didn’t like them at all. Super weird. Then was Dragonette. Never heard of them but they were really cool. Loved the girl’s voice. If I were in a band, I’d want to be in one like theirs. The band members wore matching white suits with yellow ruffle shirts underneath. ;-) Then came the The Raveonettes. I knew about them and liked their music. I was pleased.

Up next was the The Polyphonic Spree. Rob and I were really looking forward to them. We saw them on tv and they looked like they put on a good show and we were right! They are so positive and happy and listening to them makes me feel joyous or something! Rob and I danced around like children, doing pirouettes and stuff! It was wonderful!

After that was Belle and Sebastian, my favorite band of all time. They were a little discombobulated since they flew from Scotland specifically for the concert, I think. Love their music, that’s all I can say. And after that was Beck! Beck rocked the hizouse! He played some great ones from Guero, a few from Sea Change, and some classics, like “Loser”, “Devil’s Haircut,” and my fav, “Where It’s At.” Great closing to a great festival!

Then we left, drove 45 minutes to my parents house, then an hour and 15 back to my house. We got home around midnight and had to be prepared to wake up the next morning at 5:15am.

Long weekend.

If you’re still reading, congratulations! You win a prize! I think I stopped reading a few paragraphs ago and I’m the one writing it!

Hope you’re enjoying your week. I’m looking forward to my weekend. If I had a normal job, I might have a three day weekend, but there are no such things as holidays in the pharmaceutical world. Thanks for reading!!!


amanda said...

your festival sounded great! i've been traveling a lot lately for shows too, and it's wearing me out! supposed to go to minneapolis friday for john vanderslice and next weekend is the mountain goats in chicago. after that, i'm taking a break! oh, and i will send you some CDs soon, PROMISE!! :)

Matt said...

I wanna see me some Beck. And some Polyphonic Spree.

Really, I just wanna see a good show.

But it sounds like y'all good times at the gigs.

Mary said...

Beck would have been awesome. Beck is one of those musicians that I don't really realize how much I like until suddenly it dawns on me that there isn't a song I've heard by him that I didn't like. So, why don't I own some Beck?

ANYways, what a good-time weekend you had!

lew! said...

i read it all...what's my prize?

sounds like quite a good weekend you had there.

i too am as busy as all hell at work. and hate it. i am working on getting out of here, portfolio site is getting close to being done, now i just need to get some paper to print out the hard copy.

oops - not my blog - i won't complain.

hopefully i am seeing tweedy in Madison in early november - i have the tickets just not sure if emily can go. And i really want to see Broken Social Scene - but money is running low lately. Boo!

I would love to see Beck oneday. His shows here sold out way too quick.

i better get back to work. sigh

RDQLUS (Stevie G.) said...

oh man I'm pissed that you didn't tell me you were seeing Aqualung! I LOVE this guy's music. Man nothing like getting ready to go out and listening to a bit of Mr. Aqualung and sipping some wine on a chilly night up in NYC. That is what I did last time I was up there...helped me preserve my "sexy".

LOL. Love you sis.