Monday, December 05, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like chri...uh, the holidays

Got my tree up this weekend! YIPPEEEEE!!!! I look forward to putting up my tree all year! It really makes me feel close to my grandmother, who died a little over a year ago. Decorating for Christmas was her forte. She must have had an entire walk-in closet dedicated to decorations. No one in my family had spirit like she did, except for me.

After she died, my grandfather gave me her favorite tree, along with the ornaments. She had two (fake) trees. A huge full one that she decorated with red and green traditional holiday ornaments. And then she had this tall, skinny tree that she decorated all victorian, filled with mostly angel ornaments. I used to admire the way she was able to make her tree look like it came straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. So when I got her tree, I vowed to decorate it as I had always remembered. I think she'd be proud.

Here are some photos:

Also, just wanted to mention that we're supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow tonight. I'm bummed. I hate it. No matter what, I have to go to work unless there is a state of emergency. My commute already sucks. It's going to take me three hours to get to work tomorrow morning! The worst part?? I know Rob's school will be canceled and he'll be all snuggly in bed while I get ready to drudge my way through the snow. Yuck. I sure hope the weather people are exaggerating.


lew! said...

My roomate and i got a tree this weekend. He paid for most of it - he really wanted a live tree.

Smells great inour place now, and it seems to be taking alot of water, so it's a recent cut i think.

It's nice, makes it feel a bit more homey. I contributed my one ornimant to it. I have a bunch but they are somewhere in my dad's attic. All the kids at dad's used to get a little fake tree in their room.

Your tree looks very elegant Mel! Hope the snow was't or won't be too bad.

gilemon said...

free the media!

Mary said...

Soooo pretty! The designer in me wants a "theme tree" but then again, how could I have Santa Claus, Frodo Baggins, Spongebob SquarePants, AND Star Wars air vessels on one tree and make a decent theme? So, my theme is no theme! :)