Tuesday, December 06, 2005

June 15, 2006

Well, since most of my blog readers already know, I figure I'd make it official and announce the fact that Rob and I are getting married on June 15th of 2006! YAY!! Here's the deal. The whole idea of getting "hitched" in Vegas while out there for the HOW Conference started as a joke. Ya know, since we aren't the kind of people to spend a fortune on some boring foofy wedding anyway. But as we talked about it more and more, it seemed like the perfect idea!

I weighed the options. Get married in Jersey at some hokey reception hall, dancing to YMCA, and having the night end at 10pm. Or get married in a hotel chapel, go out for a fancy dinner, and party all night long with the people I love! Hmm. Tough one. I might have been more inclined to have a traditional wedding if either of us had a lot of relatives, but at the most, there'd be 50 people. That's like 5 tables full. Sad. But you know what? This Vegas wedding is going to be way more fun that I ever would have expected!!

Here's the plan. We're going to get married on the last day of the conference. That way, my HOWie friends will still be around, hopefully. Plus, that leaves me Fri-Sun to enjoy myself in Vegas without worrying about a wedding. So the day time will involve some spa time with my ladies. Then a limo trip to the courthouse for our license. Then the ceremony here at the MGM Forever Grand Chapel.

After that, we do some pictures and stuff. And then off to one of the fine dining restaurants in the hotel. I really want to do the Japanese one because I loooooove Japanese food, but I know not everyone is into that, so we're going to have to figure that one out. And then, after dinner, comes the best part of the night!

Party at the Skylofts at MGM Grand! This place is freaking awesome, and the main reason I want to get married out there! It's supa-fly. Seriously. We're getting the 2 bedroom, 3000 sq ft skyloft. Here are some photos so you can see just how fantabulous it really is.

I figure we'll have some wine, champagne, play some pool, and mingle like high class wannabe's. :-) This is my dream wedding! Rob's relatives are more excited than we are. They can't wait to go to Vegas. We thought at first that we'd have trouble getting everyone out there since it's a far trip, but everyone wants to go! Even people we really didn't want to invite! Haha! We were trying to keep it small but we're already at over 40 and the list grows everyday.

So, well, that's it! I am so so so excited about it!! This is going to be the par-tay of the century! Hope ya'll can make it! ;-)


Mary said...


lew! said...

HEY Congrats Mel!

i hope i can get to vegas!

Matt said...


Wish there was some way I could get there...

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Yayyyyy! I'm so there even if I don't go to the conference, I'm so there! :) I miss you Mel... I know you're a busy bee with all of this.

Call, write if you need help with anything! How awesome the place looks. I'm so excited for you!

Many hugs!!!!

A Little Hut said...

OMG Mel!! I hadn't checked up on your blog in a while and here you are getting married. Congratulations! Your wedding is going to be awesome!

PS - aka PZO1 on the H-forum

stacie said...

$1200 a night! Good lord. Looks pretty damn classy though. Congrats.

Deb said...

wow, congrats on the engagement... and the wedding!!! it looks like it will be AWESOME. :)

Anonymous said...

We were also married in Vegas (4 years ago) and just last July we stayed in an MGM Skyloft for the first time. We only had the 1 bedroom, but took plenty of pics if you want to review. Enjoy.