Monday, December 12, 2005

No bridezilla here!

I refuse to be a bridezilla. I want to be as low maintenance as possible. By having this "non-traditional party" instead of a regular reception, I feel like it takes some pressure off of my shoulders. I mean, I don't have to worry about centerpieces or a band or dj. And I don't have to worry about them screwing up. I figure, if there's no real plan, there's nothing to screw up! :-)

I am being a little traditional though. I keep buying bridal magazines and books. I got my Anti-bride Guide which has proved to be very helpful so far. Then I got a book called Neon Nuptials, all about Vegas weddings. Well, guess what. It rated the MGM chapel as the number 1 hotel chapel in vegas! YAY!! It was rated in 4 categories. Kitsch (or vegas cheesiness), cleanliness, romance quotient, and comfort. And it got the top rating in all except kitsch, where it got the lowest rating, thank God! I know when some people do the vegas thing, they want the cheese, but i prefer a cheese-free wedding! (Unless it's on crackers with some pepperoni.)

Oh, and I got a book this weekend about how to find the best wedding bargains and stuff. It seems like it'll be helpful because I know nothing about buying flowers or cake. It tells you what to ask for. For example, it said that fresh flowers is much cheaper on a cake than edible sugar flower thingies. Speaking of cakes and flowers, I saved some photos of things that I like. Here are a few of my favorites:

Well, I booked the Skyloft last week! Phew! That was really the only part I cared about. I mean, a chapel is a chapel, but the Skyloft was way cooler than any other Suite I could find. My parents came over this weekend to look at the info I'd gathered. They are being so wonderful and helpful with this. They told me to go for whatever I want, it's my decision! Well, I really want to have the dinner at the Japanese restaurant. It's called Shibuya. Here are some photos:

We'll see though. I have some time to decide. I am getting so excited!!!!


lew! said...

whoa that cake with the butterflies is pretty cool looking. Didn't know a cake could look so, uh modern.

I think birds would be better than bugs though. :P

Somehow i doubt you're the bridzilla type there mel.

Mary said...

I love the restaurant! It is beautiful! Hell, get married there :) LOL

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Oh my... it's looking beautiful and modern. :) I love the top bouquet (sp?) and that cake with the butterflies is so "MEL" :) It's too pretty to eat! Wow! It looks like you're gathering some fine things Mel! Yay! :D