Thursday, May 03, 2007

No papercuts yet...

...and thank goodness, because I've been elbow deep in paper lately. I wanted to make some boxed sets for the show. Spent a fortune at the craft store, but I came out with enough paper to make hundreds upon hundreds of new cards.

This is my favorite. Paper design by Anna Griffin. I think I may have to keep some of these for myself.

This was my first boxed set that I made. But then I found out I had to get permission to use these papers, meaning I have to fax a form to the company per each item, and wait for them to mail a signed approval back to me. Kind of a hassle.

This is going to be another craft-a-thon weekend for me. Less than a month until the show!


zenzhetty said...


Very nice cards! I am sure they will sell very well at the show you are doing in june!
I was wondering where you saw that you had to ask permission about selling the cards? I am interested in this, I dont see why you should have to ask. Once you create something you make the paper yours no? How complicated if you have to ask each time you use a paper in something you make. Or am I not understanding correctly?

Melissa said...

I didn't even think about asking until there was a discussion about it on a craft forum. So I looked into it. Most companies I contacted said they didn't mind at all. But there are a few that have "Angel Policies" regarding using their paper in items you sell.

For example, Anna Griffin says it's fine as long as you make less than 50 of each item and don't claim you're associated with their company. However, EK Success requires a form for each product used. You can only sell locally and no more than 40, I think. AND you have to give them credit ON the actual item. Pain in my butt. You'd think they'd want the business, right?!

zenzhetty said...

That's the craziest thing I have ever heard! It's paper!! They sell thousands of sheets of the stuff...I can't believe it. I am just going to go with the "so sue me approche" If I ever get big enough for them to find me then we can talk! :-)