Friday, August 17, 2007

O, how I want to be you!

Karen O, that is. That chick is WILD and such a rock star. I love it! If I could do anything in the world (and I can't, no matter what my mom told me), I'd be a front woman in a band like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Dream life.

Enough dreaming though. Last night we went to their show at the Electric Factory and what an event! I've realized that my hair is the perfect length for thrashing around. Not too long where it hits other people, but just long enough to get some movement. Um, so yeah, my neck hurts. I don't think I've ever gotten such good cardio at a show before.

We arrived right as the doors opened, barely any line waiting. And for some reason, there were still spots along the front rail when we walked in, so we took a cozy area at the left corner of the stage. It was close. Awesomely close. Here's an example. At one point, Karen O came by, laid down with her head hanging off the stage and stuck the mic in her mouth. This is only slightly zoomed with my crappy digital camera:

It was an outstanding show. Totally worth staying up hours past my bedtime therefore sitting here exhausted at work. Here's my Karen O-llage.

I really needed last night. This week has been packed with signing contracts, checking out apartments and storage, getting everything ready for vacation (i.e. new tires for my car), and trying to get some much needed errands run (i.e. haircut at 4pm today). But everything is working out. Looks like we might not be apartment living afterall, thanks to a very generous offer from someone. I'll get into that later.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


lil_squirrel said...

Hi! I came across your site randomly. I plan on getting married at the MGM Forever Grand chapel in March 2008, and I love your photos. I just wanted to know who your photog. was and how much he charged! Thanks! brgirl604 @ hotmail dot come

Sarah said...

Yes that lady is crazy! Glad you had a good time. Great photos!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I miss you! :) Sending happy smiles your way!