Thursday, August 02, 2007

So you wanna know about me?

Whitney and Jonathan over at Brown Sugar Design have tagged me to post 8 random things about myself. Well, I'm pretty random, so that's easy. Unfortunately for all of you, "concise" doesn't really describe me, so have fun reading my ramblings. (Like my cheesy headshot?)

  • I wear glasses because I’m afraid to touch my eyes. You should see me at the eye doctor. I have to warn him in advance that I may freak out if he gets too close.

  • Some people already know this, but I’m half Korean and half Irish. I feel like I look a lot less Asian than most of the half Asians I know.

  • When I was in third grade, my dad entered me into a 1.5 mile race. What was he thinking? Not only was I one of the last kids to cross the finish line, but I puked all over the place as soon as I did! Me and athletics don’t mix.

  • Growing up, I had a Friday tradition. My grandfather would pick me up at 3pm so my mom could go waitress at a Japanese restaurant. We’d stop at the liquor store for a case of beer and a pretzel rod, then I’d sit through hours of programming such as Hunter, Hawaii 5-0, Magnum PI, and People’s Court. My grandmother and my father would arrive around 6pm, one of them with a pizza, and we’d eat in front of the tv, while watching Cheers and Night Court. Then my dad and I would head home around 8pm. This took place every Friday for probably around 4-5 years.

  • I took the SAT’s in 7th grade. I got a 740…TOTAL. But I redeemed myself in high school with a 1390. I only wish they actually meant something.

  • Nearly every time I walk down a flight of stairs, I envision myself falling down them and I cringe a little. So I’m always extra careful. I have no clue where this fear of stairs came from.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with public speaking. I think I’m pretty damn good at it, but I always dread it.

  • Right now, I have this intense urge to dye a big platinum streak in my bangs.

I'm supposed to tag 8 people, but I know some people would never do this, so I'll only tag people that I know would play along, OR people that rarely update their blogs anyway!

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mrs.bsdstudio said...

OMG I have the same issue with stairs. I think it has something to do with inner balance deep inside. I'm always a little unsure of myself that first step.
And down escalators: no can do.

Julieta said...

You're so pretty! And you spanked me on the SATs (how's that for an 80s term?) so that means you have looks and brains and I have no choice but to hate you. ;)

kat said...

I'm pretty impressed with your SAT scores too :)

I love love love your friday tradition with your grandfather. What great memories.

. said...

Love your blog - thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Haha, thanks ladies! I am by no means a smarty pants, but I am a good test-taker. Sometimes I think that if I would have applied myself in high school (and actually did some homework!), I'd be much better off today!

Dave said...

So, what are you trying to say????



Mary said...

I have the exact same stairs fear!!! I always envision myself falling and breaking all my front teeth out!!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I spit laughing all over my screen reading the "Friday" tradition! See, you turned out alright! Who said letting kids watch TV was all that bad!

Whole crappola though... that's a lot of court tv. :P

Miss you!!! Lucky I read your blog practically daily... why oh why must I update my blog! -- I'm so kidding! ;)

soinvitingpaper said...

I love your blog...I fell in love with your website & products and found you blog...thanks for entertaining me when I'm supposed to be working on invitations. It's much appreciated.

soinvitingpaper said...

I love your always entertain me when I'm supposed to be working on orders. Thanks!

tomoko said...

hey, my first tag ever... am I allowed to say that I am excited? though I've written a post revealing some random stuff about myself, i'll see if i can come up with more...!

erinn said...

fear of stairs here too. I think I must have fallen down the stairs a few times when I was little.

Good vibes for an offer on your place. Hope everything works out with work too!

Made for You sounds like a winner...less edgy, more refined?

miss.supafly said...

As noted, I love you for the tag, and I adore that picture of you! You're hilarious, and very refreshing. :) Thanks for the great bits.