Monday, December 08, 2008

Mission: Accomplished!

In my opinion, the food drive was a success! I had a fabulous time organizing it, and I really felt like I did something valuable with my time. I'm basically reposting what I wrote on Operation NICE, but here's how it went.

I didn't get any nasty-grams, like I was afraid of. Phew! Last Monday, I came home to a bag of non-perishables on my doorstep, left by my sweetheart neighbors, Jen and Max. My first donation! I was so thrilled! Mid-week I received a call from another neighbor, letting me know he had some items to drop off. Friday rolled around and there were two more donations waiting for me when I got home. Later that night a neighbor dropped off some bags of food and told me that he was going shopping the next day and would pick up some diapers to donate. Wow! The next morning a sweet woman named Marcia came by with a giant plastic container packed with food.

Then I went out for my drive around the neighborhood. I shrieked with delight each time I saw a bag on a doorstep. And as I walked around, filling up my trunk, I had the biggest smile on my face. One household had four full grocery bags on their porch. I was a little nervous that they had their groceries delivered or something and I'd be taking them unknowingly! But they were all in different bags, so I think I'm safe.

Here's the pile of food and goods that I collected, minus the box of diapers which came later and the two bags of food that I grabbed from my own cabinets.

Food Drive

I went to the Food Bank of South Jersey this morning to drop everything off and the grand total was 277 pounds of food and goods! Woohoo! I'm really looking forward to doing this again next year!


Robin said...

That was so nice of you! It must've felt great to get all of those donations.

Mrs. Maria said...

Great job Mel!! How wonderful! I'm so glad to hear all the success! :-)

Suzie said...

That's wonderful Melissa! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Thats rad! My mom and I use to collect back to school supplies and then donate them to elementry schools, which was so fun because I love school supplies! Maybe an Idea for next year..(=

Dave said...

I "bumped" into your blog through some hopping around, and am thrilled! It is most wonderful and I am spending a great deal of time on it. Your voice is wonderful here and I hope to enjoy it for a long time.