Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can I Get That Salmon Well-Done?

I had a delightful Valentine's Day! When I went to pick up Rob at school, he opened the door holding a bouquet of roses! Okay, they weren't the freshest roses, and a lot of them were already bloomed, but he was supporting his school's science teacher, who runs the horticulture program and sold roses to raise money. That's sweet. He got me 16, just to be different.

Here they are:

After school we went right to the restaurant, with a brief stop at the liquor store to get some wine for dinner. They had a prix fixe menu with no options, other than the entree. So it was tomato crab soup, smoked salmon, a choice of mahi mahi or lamb and some crepe thing with ice cream for dessert. The waiter mentioned something about substitutions, but I didn't understand what we could substitute things with! Later I found out that they were also still serving the regular menu. Dang.

So anyway, the soup was delicious! I never would have ordered it because I'm not a big tomato person, but it was yummy. Smoked salmon, not so much. It was all squishy and pink. I know it's smoked, and not raw, but it felt raw. I'm not a huge sushi person, I only like certain kinds, and smoked salmon isn't one of them. So I made Rob eat it all! Our mahi mahi was scrumptious and we cleaned our plates. I would have preferred something chocolatey for dessert because I wasn't crazy about the crepe thing. I made Rob eat that too! I was totally coveting the spring rolls that the folks at the next table were eating. If only I knew! But all in all, it was a really good dinner!

Here's a photo of Rob checking out the bill:

And us outside of the restaurant:

Oh, and Rob made me a card! He was kind of embarrassed because he thought it looked like a six year old made it, but I thought it was really cute! I can just picture him sitting at a table with safety scissors, cutting out all those fives!

So V-Day came and went, but it was a great time! I can't wait until next year! ¡Seis años!


A Little Hut said...

you two are too cute!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I loved this post - made me laugh - lol... good card by Rob and you guys look too cute! :) Nice flowers by the way... I got flowers too... I loved them!!!

Jeope said...

The bill shot? Nice. Looks like you caught him right in the 'O' of 'Holy S**t'!