Thursday, February 02, 2006

Food. It Does a Body Good.

What a week. I'm pooped. It's pretty much been wake up at 5am, get ready, go to work, have a busy day, leave at 4:30 pm, get home at 5:45pm, cook, eat, work, work, work, get to bed around 11 pm with no down time so I can get 6 hours of interrupted sleep until I wake up at 5 am again. I know that seems lame, and normal people get less sleep than that, but I'm so used to going to work, coming home, vegging in front of the tv and getting to bed around 9-10 pm. Me likey 8 hours of sleep. I think I'm getting more used to it though. And it's all for a good cause! It's a shame my regular job is getting in the way!

So yeah, things have been crazy. And when I get busy, I tend to cut some other things out. Um, like eating. I've been surviving on coffee and pretzels and work. And at home, since I haven't really had time to cook, Rob has been taking care of it. That meant Healthy Choice frozen dinner last night! I took two bites and gave up. He's upset that I've been depriving my body of the proper nutrients. I know, I know. I gotta squeeze it in. It's tough breaking the habit of being lazy. I wish I could just carry around my mom in a backpack so she could cook for me whenever I got hungry.

Speaking of being lazy, I haven't gotten a haircut since September. Well, that has to do with being poor and lazy. Since my hair was short, now I got all sorts of lengths going on, with a full mullet kicking in the back. I bought a straightener so the mullet is a little less visible, but I'm thinking I should get a trim soon.

Here is a before/after visual aid:

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Last weekend I was struggling to get my HOWieZine pages finished. This weekend it'll be my Save the Dates. I can't believe I haven't sent those out yet.

Well, hope you all in blog-land are having a lovely Thursday. We just got word that we are actually allowed to wear jeans to work tomorrow....woohoo!! (It's the little things that make me smile.) Bye folks!


Jeope said...

Get thee some Centrum if you plan on eating that way for awhile. That's some unhealthy livin'.

Dave said...

I best be gettin' on of dem damn save the date thingies...

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Mel I'm I going to have to put on mail-meal-program lol. :) I like the hair - I like 'em both. Ohhh so are you going to let it grow... :) Me likey sleep too.... my kids are the 'zzz's thieves' though. Now get off this blog and go get some nuggets.

devon said...

YES! let it grow it's so cute!
i have a partial mullet in the back too, as i'm letting mine grow.

wanna go buy a camaro with me? or smoke some pal mals...?

lew! said...

alright mel,

let's see somthing new here.