Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So Immature

I am addicted to Threadless t-shirts. I can't help it. I probably have at least ten and have bought a bunch for Rob as well. Every time they have a $10 sale, I stock up. Well, I got their email this morning, and I NEED this shirt:

I know it's so silly, but I crack up just looking at it!

In other news, our big company meeting is this Friday, and I was putting together the photo slideshow that's going to run while everyone is eating breakfast. 20 minutes of photos...sheesh. Anyway, since we wanted everyone in the company represented, I had to make sure I included a photo of myself. I thought it was a great time to make a statement.

If I see one less powerpoint presentation that uses comic sans, then I accomplished something.


Mary said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT SHIRT! LOL, I would totally wear that! hehehe :)

Once again, I'd like to say that I dig your hair at it's new length and style :)

devon spec said...

are they long enough for us tall girls? what is the quality like... ?

devon spec said...

boo! they only have xl and l. whatEVER.

Mrs. Maria said...

I saw that yesterday in an email I got... LOL I suggest you skip threadless and shop from Dgirls cafepress... hehehe!

devon spec said...

i'm liking maria's suggestion! :D

although, i haven't made any money yet!!!! lol.