Monday, July 14, 2008

Birthday Anxiety

Rob's birthday, that is. It's on Friday and I don't know what I do. I really wanted to get him a digital camera body so he could stop using his film camera and join the 20th century. But that has been much more difficult than I thought! After two cancelled orders from shady companies that kept trying to sell me hundreds of dollars worth of "necessary" accessories, I was left with nothing.

So I broke down. I told Rob my plan and explained the trouble I've been having. I had to ask him if he would be willing to accept a refurbished Nikon D40x, since it was a good deal. He was okay with it. You'd think that'd be fine, but then yesterday I discover that his Tamron 28-300mm lens from 1999 won't work with the D40's or D60's. It will, however, work with the D80's.

I was already going to blow my budget to buy him a $400 camera body. But now, if I want to get him the D80, it's $730!!! I just don't think I can do it. I keep thinking, "is there something of mine that I can sell?" But I really don't think I can spend that kind of money right now.

What do I do?? His birthday is on Friday? I wanted to surprise him with a wonderful gift, but now it looks like I'm going to have NO gift.


devon said...

don't get the 700 dollar one!!! mostly because

a: it's way too much money!
b: he would probably love a cheaper one just the same
c: you would always feel like you had to top it each year, and that is a lot of pressure (and money!) haha

Mrs. Maria said...

I agree with Devon. I know he'd love it, but I don't think it's necessary to go that far to show him some "birthday love". I know that when Jamel turned 30 I felt the need to go ALL out but in truth he's so simple... we kept it simple. He LOVE it! :-) Think simple... I know you can. :-)

Mary said...

I agree...don't blow the budget. From everything you've said about Rob, he wouldn't want you to spend that kind of money.

The camera thing has been on your mind, but I bet there is another route that just needs to be discovered!

Good luck :) He'll love it no matter what!

Cherrill said...

ugh - I'm in a similar boat. My husband's b-day is next week and he won't give me any ideas. Not that he's not into material goods he said, but he just can't think of anything. I think I'm going to get him one of those portable fireplace/pit deals for outside.

What about signing him up for a class on digital photography - would he be interested in something like that?

Anonymous said...


You don't have to break open your piggy bank to give Rob a memorable and special gift...Some ideas:

Come up with "30 Things You Love About Rob" and either write/type them on small pieces of paper and put in a cool jar/container/vessel/whatever. Or just write them all in a little journal and embellish it with fun photos of the two of you.

Or instead of one big gift, give him 30 little ones.

Make a video montage of his fabulous singing videos, and insert your commentary.

If ya wanna make some sweet love down by the fire, light thirty small candles and dress up in something sexay.

You're a creative girl, I'm sure you think of something faboo!

~ Kimburg

miss.supafly said...

The camera idea is really lovely, but definitely don't go breaking the bank for it.

Maybe you can creatively give him a gift card or some money that he can apply toward a camera that will work with his lens. What if you constructed a camera out of paper or cardboard and then filled it with dollar bills?

Like the other said, he'll love whatever you give him.