Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I feel like I'm 12 again.

The lovely Mary just posted a link to an online MASH game. EEP! I LOVED MASH when I was a kid and spent many pages of my notebooks playing until I ended up with the perfect life.

Want to know what my life is going to be?

Apparently I'm going to marry Rob. I swear I only put his name down once, and he beat out all the musicians that I'm in love with.

We're going to live in an apartment in Seattle.

We will have 3 kids. YIKES! Well, I'm glad it wasn't 200, but I was kinda hoping for zero.

Somehow we will squeeze our three kids into our lime green Beetle convertible. Who needs car seats?

And I guess I give up design and become a Starbucks barista. But it says that I'm happy, and it didn't mention anything about overdosing on Doubleshot Energy+Coffee drinks.

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miss.supafly said...

That is so hilarious that you ended up with Rob even when you listed famous people! You guys truly are meant to be together if MASH says so!