Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Something So Strong

This weekend Philadelphia hosted a Strongman Competition. Rob had been excited since the day he found out about it. Finally the day had arrived.

I went on Saturday only, and to be honest, I was a little bored. The Deadlift lasted forever and wasn't all that exciting, though I appreciate the strength it takes to lift nearly a ton. Perhaps the day was also tainted by the pull up competition. 20 pull ups won a t-shirt, so I peer-pressured Rob into trying. He ended up with 19 3/4. Still insanely impressive to me, the girl who couldn't do a single pull up if she was being chased by a crocodile and needed to pull herself up in order to escape!

However this was disappointing to Rob. Neurotic Rob, who refuses to let this go and claims that he wants to train so hard so he can do a bajillion pull ups by the end of the summer. Why did I ask him to try it? I should have known better.

But aside from that, Rob had a great time. He said that Sunday was WAY better, due to more entertaining events.

Look at how amazed we were while watching those Strongmen lift those tires! Incredible!
Amazed Spectators


Mrs. Maria said...

You're just too cool for me! Love the socks! LOL Very cool! So I expect to see 50 pull ups from Rob by the time I'm there! HAHA!

devon said...

only mel's skinny bod could pull off those socks!!!!

(dont you love how we're only concerned with the fashion portion of the blog entry!) lol!!

Sarah said...

That's so funny!