Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Dopplegängers

I look like a lot of people. I always get stopped by strangers who say I look just like their third cousin's best friend's sister or something. Last Friday I was told that I looked like some dude's friend's girlfriend, who happened to be a total bitch. I had to convince him that I was a nice girl.

But I think it's kind of neat. Okay, not when someone tells me I look like Velma from Scooby Doo, but when I see people that kind of look like me, I think it's hilarious, in a very creepy sort of way.

Like when my friend Devon sent me this picture that she found on Design*Sponge from artist Esther Kim.

Or this picture sent to me by Irit, my internet friend from Israel.

Those are both pretty much me. It's freaky. I look more like both of those images than Velma. Right??? (Please say yes, please say yes.)


Shannon said...

Woah, the similiarity in one on the bottom is downright freaky. Are you sure you haven't been featured in Israeli ads? :) And I actually think you look nothing like Velma; it's just the glasses that throws people.

skye said...

velma? who's velma? ;)

devon spec said...

hehehehe..... :) ;)

marzi said...

that's so funny. i get that all the time too. it's crazy. people are always telling me i look familiar. the hubby has just started answering for me now saying: "she gets that all the time, you probably don't know her." ;) i thought i got it a lot, but i've never had people send me pictures of myself! creepy!

Mrs. Maria said...

Yes! Especially the bottom one. Hehe!